Availability of Windows to 7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 RTM

Today Microsoft has announced officially the availability of Service Pack 1 Windows to 7/Server 2008 R2 to its partners OEM, from the 16 of February he will be available for the subscribers of Microsoft TechNet and MSDN, and from next day 22 he will be available to all the public by means of Microsoft Download Center http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/es-es/default.aspx or directly through Windows Update.

Note: All the companies that decided to install Service Pack Blocker Tool at the time Kit will not receive the update via Windows Update, although they will be able to manually continue installing SP1 by means of direct unloading or installing in his PCs.

New the Service Pack 1 (version 7601.17514.101119-1850) brings great improvements as far as the yield and new characteristics like RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory that you will discover in next technical articles.

Microsoft Windows and the Security Online

The tool Parental Control allows to maintain a registry you of that they do, speaks, listens to or sees your children in the network but giving them to certain degree of independence while candles by its security.

Microsoft has put at the disposal of all the users a website to report all the unsuitable content lodged in its services and www.microsoft.com/reportabuse products

Windows 7:  In all the editions of the operating system Windows 7, we can create separated accounts for each member of the family.

Using the Parental Control we will be able:

* To Specify the exact day and the time that our children can use the PC.

* To Prevent the use with certain video-games being based on the title, content, or age ranking.  In Addition we have the total capacity to block certain programs to our children - for example, financial programs of our company. To Read more?

Agreement with the main blog on Microsoft technologies in Portugal

Today I have the pleasure to announce the beginning in the collaborative agreement with the main blog on Microsoft technologies in Portugal, directed by Dark Brown Whistles (MVP Windows Expert Consumer) http://www.livebetas.net/ has been positioned like the reference blog on Microsoft in Portugal counting on the support of the subsidiary.

Since Microsoft Spain-Portugal maintains relation in many aspects like the recent Springboard tour Series Tour 2011 http://www.itpro.es/ or the TTT-MVP Day Open, the idea arose to unite our blogs, thus we will be able to include a field I extend more of Microsoft in these two countries. The agreement is not only limited a total promotion between both average ones during 1 year, but it extends to technical articles, internal promotions, programs, contests, events, chats and many projects more than will be able in march throughout the year… and that as of today will put their sand granite to fortify the relation between these two headquarters of Microsoft.

The first step before the announcement has been the creation of a list in Twitter http://twitter.com/fmartin_garcia/microsoft-spain-portugal so that all the enthusiastic employees, professionals, students and of Microsoft Spain-Portugal interact.

Like creating a new alias with Windows Live Hotmail?

Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail finishes announcing in public the incorporation of a new characteristic with which we will be able to create and to manage multiple alias of e-mail from a single Hotmail account.

The equipment of Hotmail now offers the capacity to create up to 5 alias/year of a total of 15 alias with which we can turn aside our mail so that more to our needs adapts, for example: A direction can be used to look for work and another different one to buy in line. Of that form, the messages sent to those alias will be able to keep in independent folders. staying centralized with our direction of main mail.

Another objective to fulfill that Windows Live Hotmail has seted out with this new characteristic is the improvement of our privacy since many users do not want that the people added to a new alias know the direction main mail.

For it we must realize the following steps:

1. To Enter Windows Live Hotmail - > Click in our name - > Cuenta - > Other options - > Directions of e-mail - > Escribimos http://mail.live.com/?rru=createalias in Internet Explorer and we refreshed. To Read more?

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