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This week we have like special guest to Josep LluĂ­s Paniagua, in this case I believe that it will not be necessary that comments to you like is its personality, is better than you discover it. It does not have loss, I leave you with him:

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
I am called Josep Lluís Paniagua, but it is known me like “Pani� from always. I Was Born the last century, in 1966, so I am 44 years old, unless my mathematics are worse than they have been always. I am that I am of letters: I studied Philology until I left it by a necessity, to work, and a liking, the technology of the information. As far as my work, luckyly it is developed in the scope of the TIC, because I am member of the equipment of distribution of software and management of anti-virus of the Universitat de València. Additionally, I am Real Madrid, with the bad thing that is to say now that, ferrarista, for God's sake, and fan Windows. And above I do not apologize by any of those things.
2. You Are MVP, what means this for you? what you felt the first time that you were awarded?
When they named MVP for the first time me, in 2003, I felt like the king of the world, like flacucho of Titanic. It could not think to me that to do what I liked more, to help the users of Windows, it could obtain an award like that, and I felt very proud of my work in the technical communities.

3. Tell us that he is the best thing of being MVP
The best thing of being MVP is knowledge that your effort serves as aid to those who needs it. Ever since I have my own technical communities (my forums, my list of mail), I feel still more happy for seeing of first hand the been thankful thing that is a user when, simply, case is done to him. If, in addition, you solve its problem to him, then the happiness is total: hers and yours.
4. Which have been your experiences in the MVP Summit/MVP Day Open?
As Much the Summit as the Days Open are, for me, excellent opportunities for two things. First, to know first hand the new features in products and technologies of Microsoft. The second, but not less important one, to interact with your MVPs colleagues, to put common critics, valuations, opinions and, why no, some beers.
5. How you think that program MVP could be improved?
It Would Be Necessary to reclaim certain free spirit, and I do not speak of open source nor puñetas of those. I talk about to that sometimes, many MVPs gives a certain sensation of being more partners of Microsoft than simple people who help to help. I Believe that the risk is run of which program MVP is related to companies satellites of Microsoft, when to award that type of relation there are other channels.

6. How you see the future of in the Microsoft technologies in which you specialize?
Splendid. Without a doubt the best Windows of the history of Windows is at the moment in the market. And that much, is seen the happened thing at other moments, as it is the case of the ominous one - and luckyly forgotten Millennium, or of the pobrecito Vista, that were a misunderstood one since it was born. With Windows 7 we are a little while living very sweet in the technology client.
7. It Describes the necessary thing to be MVP under your point of view.
In my case, to be MVP I needed capacity to detect needs of the habitual users of Windows, and determination to put means reaches to solve its problems, and to fill the information emptinesses that it observed that they existed. A included user is a happier user, for that reason it is so important to use a language and correct more clearly possible.
8. Some funny anecdote with respect to program MVP in recent years.
One of the most important characteristics of all MVP that boast consists of having a great capacity to take control of the greater possible number of gadgets, goodies and objects frikis during the celebration of any event. It does not concern the value or the size of the object at issue, only the fact that it exists and it can free be yours. For that reason it is fundamental to arrive always in time at the delivery of “gifts�, or in a Summit, a TechEd, a Day Open… Without goodies program MVP would not exist as we know it.

9. If you could go to an event the International of Microsoft, what elegirias and why?
Without a doubt the best events of Microsoft, for a MVP, are the Summit, where you can “feel� to Microsoft (its offices, its buildings, its Campus…), and the TechEd, by the amount of thinking brains by square meter that meet. Both are a true one to please.
10. You Can contact with me through:
Twitter: @panipaniagua
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/panipaniagua
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pani.es

Email: pani.es@gmail.com
Blog: http://pani.es/
Website: http://paniagua.es/
Forums: http://foros.paniagua.net/

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