It Discovers Windows Live Hotmail Extra

All we know Windows Live Hotmail, with around 400 million users anywhere in the world is the used service of messenger service more, but certainly all you have not heard speak on Windows Live Hotmail Extra, this service of additional payment of Windows Live that you can realize from he is available in several countries of the world and offers to his users a serious one of improvements in the characteristics of Windows Live Hotmail here, among them:

1. A greater space of storage: You Will Secure more space from I colie with 10 GB that will be increasing as what you are needing.

2. The account does not expire: With Windows Live Hotmail Extra your account of Windows Live YOU GO will not be closed although you spend lengths periods of time without acceding to her, as long as your subscription to the service this the day.

3. There are no graphical announcements: Forget to you as much the publicity of Hotmail as of Skydrive (it does not include Windows Live Messenger)

4. It Eliminates the limits: If you use the account of a company or send numerous e-mails to the day and numerous people you will not have to worry with the limits that Windows Live in its code of conduct demands.

5. Return back: You do not worry, if you do not want to continue paying by this service and to return to the normal version, you can do it easily and without jeopardizing your Windows Live YOU GO

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