Update in the WATT of Windows 7

Microsoft has developed a new update that will affect to the components of activation and validation of Windows 7.

This update KB971033 available in Microsoft Download Center as much for x86 as for x64 aid to the WATT (Windows Activation Technologies) to detect any type of manipulation that affects to the validation process, that will be executed automatically again in all the equipment without affecting to the functionality of Windows 7 which we are carrying out at those moments.

If your Windows 7 has been activated of an irregular form you will be redirigido to site online so that you find more information on your problem. Once this update detects that your Windows 7 is not original will be requested to you that you introduce a valid product key again (25 digits) and it will be notified to you periodically that the copy of Windows 7 that you are executing in your equipment is not original.

Note: Thanks to these updates and to the systems of the activation technologies that incorporate Windows 7 the number of nonoriginal copies is reduced slowly in all the markets of the world. Although the greater renovation in this field will take place with the arrival of the next versions of Windows, in which to realize some type of manipulation in the activation will practically be impossible.

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