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1. Personal Information (name, age, country tastes, I interest, hobby) Tell us who you are!
Hello to all from this space that dedicates me in the blog of It Explores Windows. First of all I want to thank for Francisco to me to have invited. I am called Juan Ignacio Oller, I have 34 years and work like communication and Systems Engineer in a dependant public company of the Department of Presidency of the Government of Aragon. There next to my three companions we managed the writing-desks, servants and communications of this company and you subcontract them that they give services to the projects realised by this company. I Am computer science technical Engineer, Postgraduate in Industrial Policy and Postgraduate in Computer Science Systems Management by the University of Saragossa and Master in Software Libre by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). I declare an enthusiastic one of the computer science systems, especially by the operating systems and the security systems and my great frustrated passion are the robotics. Alive with my patient bride who work as database administrator SQL Server in an important consultant and with two parakeets that they give rather badly ;-)  
2. To that you dedicate yourself professionally?
After a few years working in diverse projects through consultants, now work for the final client in the Department of Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) the company for which work is the Aragonese Corporation of Radio and Television, that would be the equivalent to the EITB, TV Madrid or TV3, always saving the budgetary distances. In this company, next to my three companions we managed the physical and virtualized writing-desks, servants, networks and telephony of this company, the associate companies (Aragon TelevisiĂłn and Aragon Radio) and of the producers and you subcontract.

3. You Have some certification of Microsoft, what means this for you? you glide to secure some other certification?
At the moment I have several certifications of Microsoft, RedHat, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and ITIL. The first time that I was able to obtain a certification I felt a great satisfaction since more factors did not mediate than the experience and the study, without passing through testkings nor other traps. The certification that Microsoft that greater joy has given me was first that I also obtained, after leaving several attempts bankrupts. I Have to say that from that one day I have not suspended no other examination, seems that it cost to me to start but now almost I am ;-)  unstoppable would like to certify to me in Lync Server, but as I counted in my blog (http://yaveceshastafunciona.blogspot.com/2011/03/virtual-labs-de-lync-server.html), right now is impossible since Microsoft has sent the examination but there are no books, neither official courses nor nothing that looks like to him, it will be called on to wait for a little to me until it has trasteado the more with this wonderful servant and has been able to read a little more documentation.
4. How erán the examinations to which presentastes to secure the certification to you?
The examinations of certification of Microsoft seem rather more reasonable to me than those of other manufacturers. I explain myself not to enter unnecessary controversies. The problem is that other manufacturers as Cisco Systems forces to you to study enormous amounts of documents with data and more data than to memorize without reasoning. These data I do not see them important (perhaps it mistakes to me) and we can conserve them in tables and books for its later consultation. However Microsoft, is a company that I believe that it guesses right when prevailing the knowledge of the use of the technologies on which it examines. Thus, often, you can respond to questions that you have not studied basing you on the experience and the logic. With regard to the price, it can say that “low COST� is between the certifications since sometimes I have been with examinations of 2 almost 300 hours that received them to me to € and that without mentioning to RedHat whose prices arrive already at the surrealist.
5. If you could go to an international event of Microsoft, what elegirias and because?
Then the truth is that I would like to attend the Summit with the MVP, I have a companion that goes for some years and is enchanted, almost counts the days to go again from the same day in which it returns. Apparently what you learn there is almost as impressive as the sensation to be in center of the Microsoft world and those celebrations… ;-)
6. How you think that program MAP could be improved?
The Microsoft program Activates Professional (MAP) mainly seems to me a great success on the part of the equipment of Iberian Technet and in the case of the ITPro that seems we are unstructured and we are like small islands that do not communicate among them through any means. I feel very been thankful since there are counted with me in the two first calls, as much in 2010 as now in 2011 since recently more than one week than I received the invitation. Like everything in this life, when being something new it needs something of running, but I believe that they are doing a great work from Microsoft. The only thing that yes that I would like is that a little was organized more and than they were delegating in coordinators or moderators who were proposing activities and possible subjects of collaboration. That for example, a day they arrived and they said “we needed more betatesters SCCCM 2012� or “We Needed that videos of SCCM for Youtube are developed�, simply to put a little order in the chaos. I say It from a tremendous humility and valuing much the great work that carries out, but perhaps the one that they were delegating according to what things could revert in a greater growth of community MAP.
7. As you see the future of in espcializas Microsoft technologies in which you?
The truth is that I do not have a clear perhaps specialty although destines more time to the Unified Communications of Microsoft with Cisco Systems and other manufacturers. With regard to this field, Lync Server has dot to go to devour the market and reason why it is seen thus is being. Microsoft has a very powerful solution that Integra with multitude of manufacturers and which satisfies almost all the needs with the most demanding administrator, or more worse still, of the secretary of more twisted direction ;-)  Other technologies of Microsoft as Windos Server the 2008 or virtualization with Hyper-V seems to me impressive and after to have worked during years in UNIX systems I can say that Microsoft is doing some products of great quality and that nobody that have tried of exhaustive way can criticize hard.

8. You Think that Microsoft is betting strong so that the organizations acquire their products?
I Believe that Microsoft right now has a great fan of services for the company, whatever his size and has some very interesting supplies. Trade agreements with Microsoft can be reached that benefit enough to the company in relation cost by position. In Addition it is not necessary to forget that it is a company that invest very many resources in formation of clients, in actual events, virtual events, Webcast, etc. I Believe that at the present time Microsoft is the company with greater projection in this sense.
9. It Describes the necessary thing to be one of the professional most active in Microsoft technologies
In my case I will say to you that for me more than illusion it is devotion. I like my work and she is not finished when I go away to house, there I have my own servant, communications equipment and then she is when the good thing really begins. Consumption almost all my free time in attending events, chats, courses, and in testing; I have the great luck to have a partner undergone enough who understands to me because she also is enamored with its work. Good and that without mentioning my fellow workers, who are another extra motivation to prepare to me and to try to have the great level that has they… Everything a challenge ;-)
10. You have written some book on Microsoft technologies? what is the last one that you have read?
I collaborated At the time in the translation of several manuals of Cisco Systems for the elaboration of notes for practices for the preparation of the CCNA, IT Essentials I and IT Essentials II for an important company of formation whose name I will not mention when not being authorized for it. Also I collaborated writing notes of GNU/Linux for this same company. The last book that I have read is the “Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V. Kit of Resources� written by Robert Larson and Janique Carbone, published by Anaya in Castilian. A book del that already Luisa spoke and that also seems to me a jewel. The last book that I have not finished but I am reading right now is “Internals Windows: Including Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista� to try to explore the possibilities of debug of the system and of making plans of Microsoft/Windows. This is due to that in its time I bought the book “Solaris Internals: Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture� written by Richard McDougall and Jim Mauro and saved to me of which another problem and looking for, I found this book that would be the equivalent for Windows.
11. You have been twice consecutive the winner of the ITPro part in the program Technical Iberian Ranger de Microsoft, which is your secret? how you sentistes to the being the chosen one?
The secret, in my case is simply the collaboration. I have always liked to elaborate documentation, with concrete procedures, is something that was obstinate to me in one of my first works: “What one learns documents it for the others�. In my case, not only I publish all the tests that I am doing, but also that acceptance user, friendly consultations or simply of readers of the Webs in which I collaborate and attempt to satisfy his doubts writing documentation it makes specific so they solicit. The truth is that the first time saw it as something impossible and I collaborated partly to maintain to me within the group of the MAP, the second time already was hallucinating since it thought that it was completely impossible to win twice followed in a as complicated world as this. I Hope that in next editions the companions MAP and Technical Rangers cheer up to collaborate. As I said in the reception of the prize of the first edition, whatever we collaborate more, more desire the community.
12. You Can contact with me through:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/V2dp7
Twitter: to @jioller
Email: jioller@gmail.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/juan-ignacio-oller-aznar/1a/756/710
Blog: http://yaveceshastafunciona.blogspot.com/
Note: The Blog surely is divided in three different Blogs based on if they are technologies of Microsoft for end user, Unified technologies of Microsoft for Servants or Communications.

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