Welcome to the new one Explores Windows Blog - [Obtains to your kit of explorer Finalized]

Today it is the official launching of the new design for the blog, with a touch much more fresh and loaded of improvements and new features. First of all to thank for enormously feedbacks to you received in these last weeks and the confidence that you have deposited in me to solve near the 80 consultations that you have realized from the creation of the blog.

Like technical blog on products of Windows Client, this new design this totally optimized to use it from Internet Explorer 9, we have realized the first steps with the HTML5 and incorporated in all the blog the special source Segoe WP, extracted directly from Phone Windows 7 and that you will visualize correctly in the blog only if you have installed Visual Studio 2010, or if you unload the source from this file in my Windows Live Skydrive and you install it in your PC, all the other users you will correctly see the blog but without the touch of the interface Meter that contributes the source of Windows Phone 7.

When optimized being for Internet Explorer 9 the Jump List from that you will be able to go with a single click to the main communities of Microsoft, to the RSS Feed and section of consultation of the blog, and the social part could not need where you can find the connections to follow to me in Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live. You intention to that you simply anchor the icon moving it from the Web in Internet Explorer 9 to the bar of tasks of Windows 7 :)

The design of the blog is divided in 4 important zones:

1. In the part superior we have the logo, the zone of consultations and banner of important announcements, this banner it will be updated whenever Microsoft realizé some launching, promotion or we must give an important warning from the blog.

The consultation button will take you to the other page of the blog from that you will obtain all the necessary data on me, and you will be able to send all your consultations and feedbacks to me…

2. The second zone of the blog is the intermediate one where are all the articles, that as you observe you can share in Twitter, Facebook, Google+1 and Windows Live. My name of author of articles connects with my profile of Windows Live in case you have some doubt and you want to contact with me through Windows Live Hotmail or to add to me to Windows Live Messenger.

We have incorporated Disqus in the new zone of commentaries, and so we obtain all the advantages of the best service to debate and to share the commentaries through the Web.

3. The third zone is to sidebar of the blog, where you will be able to always find a photography connected with some site official of Microsoft or some important article of the blog.

Later we have the section of recent commentaries of the blog and the Twitter Feed from which you can see all the tweets that I realize from my account in Twitter @fmartin_garcia

4. The fourth and last zone located in the footer is reserved to the active copyright of the blog and is connected profile of Facebook.

Update 10 August: The drawing has finalized, soon we will contact with the winner and we will announce it in public :)

 Drawing: And to celebrate the launching of the new one It Explores Windows Blog, I am going to realize a drawing available for the consumers of Spain and LATAM in which you will be able to gain following the kit to become some good explorers of all that with Microsoft Windows being followed the detailed rules next.

The kit valued in more than 450 Euros according to Microsoft Store is formed by:

* A copy of Windows 7 Completes available in both architectures x86 and x64 to you

* A t-shirt + USB Memory 8 GB of the promotion Windows 7 Superhero

* A Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse BlueTrack

* Some auticulares Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 optimized for Windows Live Messenger 2011

* A set of goodies between which there are cards, pendants, ball-point pens and much more of Microsoft Windows

And finally you will have the possibility of creating a Windows Live YOU GO with the dominion of the blog, example: xxxx (@) windows2000advantage.com :P

Rules Drawing “Turn you into an exploratory Windows� :)

You Can participate in the drawing through Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live, is no limit reason why the more you share this drawing in the social networks the more possibilities you will have to gain it.

Twitter: In Order to be able to be one of the winners of the drawing you will have to follow in Twitter @fmartin_garcia to me and to twittear the following “Welcome to the new one Explores Windows Blog - #explorawindows Obtains to your kit of http://bit.ly/nuevoexplorawindowsblog explorer @fmartin_garcia “

Facebook: In Order to be able to be one of the winners of the drawing through Facebook you will have to send a friendship request to me to https://www.facebook.com/fco.martingarcia and to publish in your wall the following text “Welcome to the new one Explores Windows Blog - your kit of http://bit.ly/nuevoexplorawindowsblog explorer Obtains “

Windows Live: In Order to be able to be some of the winners of the drawing through Windows Live you will have to add me as friend in https://profile.live.com/cid-a33f7112f6c1d499/ and to share the following text in your state through Social Messenger “Welcome to the new one Explores Windows Blog - your kit of http://bit.ly/nuevoexplorawindowsblog explorer Obtains “

:)  Conditions: The drawing is open to all the users majors of 18 years that fulfill some of the 3 rules and that reside in Españan or any country of Latin America, being the date limit to be able to participate the 10 of Agosto :)

* Once the drawing finishes, the winner will announce in a maximum term of one week.

 Note: Finally I want to give thanks to Jose Miguel the Aguilar Fields (Developer Web) and to Roberto Luis Bisbé (Microsoft Student Partner) by its collaboration in the new design that will be available at the end of year in the movable platform of Phone Windows Handle with all the power that will offer 9 Internet Explorer Mobile. I Hope that you have liked all the new features and this great drawing, you are very kind to the blog in the next months because Microsoft has great preparations launchings :)

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