Information of protection of your children with Windows Live Family Safety

Without a doubt, this he is one of the most interesting subjects to debate, the control of the security online on the part of the parents to his children, if you are one of them and you control the dangerous movements of your children in the network, next I show to you like picking up the information of protection through Windows Live Family Safety 2011 :)

When qualifying the pursuit of the activity of your children, you will be able to see the information in a list of the websites that has visited or tried to visit.

In Order to activate the presentation of information you must follow the described steps next:

1. In any equipment, it accedes to the main page of Infantile Protection with your Windows Live YOU GO.
2. In the page of summary of the family, you click in Seeing report of activity next to the name of the boy in whom you wish to activate the presentation of information. To Read more�

#1 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

Today we are going to begin with a series of articles in which we are going to be discovering the fundamental new features confirmed officially by Microsoft of the next generation Windows 8.

Before beginning with the series #1 of new features in which we will approach the subjects of USB 3,0, Hyper-V (v3) and the new structure of the most common functions that they are realized in the writing-desk, he is recommendable that as a introduction hayais seen the article Welcome to the world Windows 8!

We Will Begin speaking by one of the functions that represent 50% of the use of the writing-desk (To Copy, To Move, To Replace, To Eliminate)

In Windows 7 these functions that comprise of Explorer Windows not are optimized to work with great volumes of archives or to execute multiple simultaneous copy tasks. To Read more�

Zune 4,8 for Phone Windows has arrived Handle

Today Microsoft has sent the final version of the new software for writing-desk Zune 4,8, this new product is the one that there are been using the developers of Phone Windows Handle in its beta version.

Note: Thanks to Zune 4,8 your devices will be able to receive Phone Windows Handle as of the next week

The software of Zune is a digital connection of Windows 7 + Xbox Live + Phone Windows that puts your favorite music, videos and images to your reach. You Can use the software of Zune to find music and videos in the bazaar of Zune and to synchronize all your library of average digitalises with your device Phone Windows Handle. To Read more�

V2 SP1 Discovers the benefits of Microsoft Security Essentials

The used gratuitous anti-virus more in the world, has arrived at v2 SP1 Build 2.1.1116.0 this summer, this new version is being settled at the moment in new the PCs with Windows 7, although also it can unload from site of Microsoft Security Essentials

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials can also be used in 10 at the most small businesses that have PCs :)

Microsoft Security Essentials uses the protection in real time to help to do against possible threats before they become a problem. When any spyware, virus or another hostile software tries to execute itself or to settle in your PC, you receive an alert and the programs will not be opened. To Read more�

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