How to form the filter of mail nonwished in Windows Live Hotmail?

In certain occasions Windows Live Hotmail it does not respond to our mandates to take to some account of Windows Live or multitude of them to the folder of mail nonwished by diverse reasons with his consequent annoyances.

In Order to solve it we must realize the following steps:

1. It Initiates session in Windows Live Hotmail - > Haz click in the right part of the screen in? Options? - > More Options

2. Once arrived at this point we must choose the option To Avoid mail nonwished? Sending insurances and blocked? - > Sending blocked

3. To Assure to us that the account of Windows Live that is giving problems us is in the list of all the senders and dominions nonwished.

4. If this it is not the case, we can add the account manually. To Read more?

[Solved] Error Internet Explorer 9 - it has stopped working

Many of you you ask from the section of consultation or in the forums of Microsoft TechNet like solving this error that can be produced by several reasons, but generally it is due to subject of incompatibilities or with add-ONS or other programs of the PC.

Well, to solve it, we must follow these steps:

1. We Must direct a to us:  Beginning - > Control Panel - > Networks and Internet - > Options of Internet - > Options Outposts - > Restablezca the configuration of IE9 RC to its predetermined state.

2. Once you have realized these steps, it initiates Internet Explorer 9 RC and it verifies that everything works.

3. If we continued having the same error, we will go a: Beginning - > All the programs - > Accessory - > Tools of the system - > Internet Explorer (without accessories)

4. Once we execute it, we must be kind if everything well it goes and we do not have the same error that in the version with accessories, if it is this case and everything works correctly means that some add-on is causing to some conflict in Internet Explorer 9 RC. To Read more?

How to diminish the time of the previsualizations in Windows 7?

Many users who use Windows 7 notice an excessive time of delay at the time of showing the previsualizations in the bar of tasks of Windows 7, and he is not for less because 400 milliseconds although seem little is enough to the rate with which we handled our PC nowadays.

In Order to change this loss of time, we only must realize the following steps:

1. Beam click in Beginning - > In the picture of looks for writes regedit? - > Haz click in accepting when it has it.

2. Direct you to the following route: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Mouse

3. Next, we will see a list of entrances in the right panel - > Haz click in MouseHoverTime

4. It Modifies its value of 400ms to 0ms so that the retardation in showing the previsualizations does not exist.

5. It Closes regedit and it reinitiates the equipment to see the changes.

New Features Windows Internet Explorer 9 Candidate Is Reread

Microsoft finishes announcing the availability of the version Rereads Candidate de Internet Explorer 9 that incopora important improvements in the yields and new characteristics.

In Order to begin the equipment of Internet Explorer it has decided to create a more cleaning user interface thanks to the new positions in the bellboys of navigation and to the new utility to place the eyelashes, but more important they are the new functionalities that to us as much Internet Explorer offers 9 RC in the matter of security, yield and compatibility:
* Protection of Pursuit: Certain content of some websites is used for the pursuit of their activity while you sail by the network, with this new tool of Internet Explorer 9 we can limit the information of our navigator with the website to maintain our safer private information.
* Filter of ActiveX: The technology of ActiveX allows the developers to create interactive content in its websites, but they also can suppose a risk for our security. Internet Explorer 9 RC allows to block the ActiveX controls for all the websites, and to revert the process only in the sites that are of our confidence with the new filtrate tool. To Read more?
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