How to update your Windows Phone 7?

The users who use Windows 7/Vista must follow the following steps to install the update in their dispostivos:

Notification: When there is an update available, it will appear a notification in the device.

Suggestion: In Order to verify if the notifications are active, direct you to in the left part of the screen of beginning to the list of the applications and enter Configuration. Next, it activates the square to obtain notifications when finding updates.

Suggestion: In the same screen, more down you can form the configuration options.

Connection by USB: Using the USB cable that comes with the device, we can connect our telephone to the PC.

Note: The computer must be connected to Internet

To Update automatically: Once the telephone is connected, the software of Zune will begin and send the update automatically. To Read more�

To Reclaim contacts and e-mails eliminated in Windows Live Hotmail

With the arrival of new the Windows Live Hotmail we can reclaim our lost contacts or eliminated without having to put to us in contact with the technical service of Windows Live, that yes, the contacts that have been eliminated for more than 30 days could not manually be reclaimed by the user.

It Follows these steps to reclaim your eliminated contacts:

1. Direct to you to and you initiate session with the account of Windows Live in which you had the lost contacts.

2. Beam click in Administering - > Restaurar eliminated contacts

3. Next Windows Live will show to a list of your eliminated contacts - > to you Elige those contacts that you want to recover clicking in the button� To Recover�

4. When you recover to a contact, you will have to again add it like friend in Windows Live.

Note: The contacts that were synchronous from Facebook or some other service of third parties will not be available in the list of reclaimed contacts. To Read more�

New Features Windows to 7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 RTM

The impact of Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 as operating system client is considered like minimum. It Includes changes to solve minimum questions of usability in specific scenes, as it is indicated in this article.

New Features Windows 7


Additional Support in the communication with the services of third parties: The additional support has been added to allow clients of Windows 7 to communicate indeed with the services of federation of identity of third parties (those that support the WS-Federation protocol passive profile). This change improves the interoperability of platforms, and improves the capacity to communicate information of identity and authentication between the organizations.

Improvements in the yield in device of audio HDMI: A small percentage of users has reported to Microsoft problems between the connection of equipment that executes Windows 7 and devices of audio HDMI after reinitiating the system. The updates have been incorporated to Service Pack 1 to guarantee that the connections between Windows the 7 and devices of audio HDMI are correct.

Corrected the error during impression XPS the document with mixed direction: Before the launching of SP1, some users had informed to Microsoft on the difficulties when printing XPS documents (documents that contain the pages, as much in the vertical and horizontal direction) having used the viewfinder of XPS. This question has been boarded in SP1, which allows the users to correctly print documents of mixed direction with the viewfinder of XPS. To Read more�

9 RC with the new one Complete Internet Explorer to toolbar of Bing

The equipment of Bing has announced the availability of the new Bing Bar optimized for Internet Explorer 9.
Bing New Features Bar v7.0:

* Simpler and compact Design, rejecting the empty spaces.

* Optimized for Internet Explorer 9 following the same line that the area of notifications, that is to say, reducing the usuary capacity of distracciĂłndel while it sails.

* Bing Maps: The powerful system of mapeo by satellite of Bing has been integrated in the new bar permitiendonĂłs to accede without moving to us of our eyelash to different points from the planet.

* Meteorological Time: The new bar contains a tool able to give all the information us on the meteorological time of next the 5 days of the place in which we lived by defect, besides including the capacity to know the time any city of the world being used the bar search that incorporates.

* Integration of the e-mail: We Can accede directly to our e-mail of Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail and refresh it when we want directly from the bar.

* Integration with Facebook: Now we can accede directly to our plank, photos, messages, the news, alert or events from the bar of bing and receive all the notifications right away. To Read more�

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