It Discovers Windows Live Single-Use Code

With Single-Use Code (code one-time) you will be able to maintain protégée the information of your account when initiating session in equipment little safe public or.

When you ask for Single-Use Code, the equipment of Windows Live will directly send it to you via SMS to the number of mobile phone that you have added to your account of Windows Live.

In Order to add a number of mobile phone to your account of Windows Live you will have to go to - > Information of reestablishment of password - > Mobile phone - > Agregar.

It Selects to your country or E region it introduces your number of mobile phone - > Agregar. With this procedure besides being able to ask for Single-Use Code you will obtain a level of extra protection in your Windows Live YOU GO.

In Order to ask for and to use Single-Use Code direct to you to or to any page of Windows Live Sign - > you click in Obtaining a code one-time to initiate session with - > Escribe your Windows Live YOU GO - > Selecciona the mobile phone that you have qualified before and the location in which it is registered - > Enviar text message.

You Can take in receiving it a pair of minutes, once received, write it in the picture of Single-Use Code and initiate session.

Note: Your Single-Use Code will expire at the moment at which you use it, to return to initiate session with Single-Use Code, you will have to ask for a new code, if after 15 minutes you have not received the asked for code you will have to return to request it.

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