It Explores the advantages of Windows Live Hotmail in front of Yahoo! Mail

Maxima protection against the attacks of the hackers
* The new Hotmail provides a connection based during the complete session ayudandonĂłs to protect to us against the hackers. Yahoo! Mail only provides a connection based at certain moments, like in the beginning of session.

* Windows Live Hotmail also allows you to create Single-Use Code to protect you in the equipment public, in addition it will identify to the senders of confidence in your tray of entrance by means of special icons of security. Yahoo! Mail no.

Clean and it more easily orders your tray of entrance
* The new Hotmail includes sweeps virtual that helps to clean the old messages you in your tray of entrance. Also it can file automatically or eliminate the messages that you receive from certain people or companies.

* Yahoo! Mail offers filters that can be formed manually, but they will not help you to undo to you of the messages nonwished that they are already in your tray of entrance.

Until a 50% less than announcements than Yahoo! Mail
* New the Windows Live Hotmail incorporates until a 50% less than announcements than Yahoo! Mail, allowing you to only center to you in the really important thing. In Addition the publicity in Windows Live Hotmail is not fixed and you will always have the opportunity to close it on the contrary that in Yahoo! Mail.

Note: As we already reviewed in another article, the version of payment Windows Live Hotmail Extra does not incorporate any type of announcements.

You Will Be Able to see and to publish documents of Office within your tray of entrance.
* Windows Live Hotmail allows to see and to publish archives you of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint from practically any PC, without leaving your tray of entrance and totally gratuitous form unlike Yahoo! Mail.

* Also Web unlike Yahoo! can be synchronized Hotmail with Outlook and be connected free to services of mail Mail that receives for that reason.

It Shares a great amount of photos and archives in an only e-mail
* With Windows Live Hotmail you will be able to share up to 10 GB of archives in a single e-mail thanks to SkyDrive, the maximum that can be sent with Yahoo! Mail are 25 MEGABYTE by message.

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