It Discovers the Center of Compatibility of Windows 7

In this place software products of for domestic and enterprise users in 19 different countries and incredibly ordered with the aim of helping us are around 30,000 hardware and to choose that product is compatible with Windows 7 and as works as much in him in x32 as in x64, to find your wished product will be very easy thanks to the four different product forms search that the Center incorporates.

The compatibility center determines the compatibility to us of a product by means of icons:
* A brand of green verification means that the product is compatible with Windows 7
* A yellow signal of precaution indicates to us that there is an update available necesisaria to be compatible with Windows 7 (only for software)
* A red X, indicates that the product is not compatible with Windows 7
* The icon of blue color, means that there is information no available at those moments, and that Microsoft this collaborating with the manufacturer to be able to confirm its compatibility

The logo of Compatible with Windows 7 means that product I pass the tests of compatibility, security, yield and trustworthiness designed by Microsoft. If an update of the product is necessary, the center of compatibility of Windows 7 incorporates all the information of the manufacturer and a direct link to its page of unloadings, support and contact.

In Order to confirm if our equipment is compatible with 7 Windows and some type of hardware or determined software, Microsoft has developed a gratuitous tool denominated 7 Windows Upgrade Adviser.
Note: When using Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser is recommendable to have connected and in operation any device that we use normally and we want to verify.
We Can descagar Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser from here

If you are a proovedor of hardware or software and want that your products pass the tests of Microsoft and are visible in center of Compatibility you will have to go and to follow the indicated steps here.

In Order to finalize the Center of Compatiblidad de Windows 7 it incorporates options so that the users can value the information of the center like postiva or refusal, to send to your commentaries and suggestions or to inform on products that you have not found or information that need to and a direct access to the forums aid Windows 7 in Microsoft Answer.

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