#2 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

The explorer of Windows (not to confuse with IE) is and will be always one of the main parts of the operating systems of Microsoft, and as it could not be of another form, the equipment of development of Windows 8 has carried out a great work exponentially to improve the experience of the user :)

The objectives of the new explorer of Windows 8 have been divided in 3 fundamental groups:

1. The explorer is optimized for the tasks of administration of the archives: With the passage of the years, the uses that we have given the explorer of Windows have been changing, with the arrival of Windows 8 the explorer will return to his roots to exert efficiently like administrator of the archives.

2. Creation of an optimized experience of control: After the several and complex studies realised by Microsoft in relation to the used commandos more of the explorer, a great work has been realized to place the used commandos more in the most important parts of the user interface with the aim of which the user finds them and handles more easily.

3. Maintenance of the explorer: Since we have already commented before the explorer of Windows always has been a fundamental part of the system, in spite of the great changes that Windows 8 will contribute to us, the development equipment has implemented of satisfactory way this part of the system in these modern times.

Like véis next, the new explorer of Windows 8 incorporates the Ribbon interface (much more complex and improved with respect to the present one) that besides being a visual newness, he incorporates many advantages for the users:

4. He Provides the capacity to the user to place the most important commandos in the most visible places being facilitated his use.

5. He Adopts an approach similar to Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Paint and Windows Live Essentials 2011, which supposes that the users will be familiarized with this interface and they will not have much to learn of her.

6. He Provides a coherent and trustworthy user interface who does not degrade itself with time as interfaces of user based on the menu and traditional bar of tools.

7. He Already Sets Out used hidden characteristics but that require accessories of third parties to use in the user interface of the today explorer.

8. He Provides been brief methods of keyboard for each commando in the tape, something that many people have been asking, and by all means a diminished view of the interface of options.

Note: Certainly you are excited with the new changes, still it is much to discover, and you are kind because the best thing is about to still to arrive at the blog :)

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