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Today the new series of articles begins Knows… in which I will try to you to bring to the best professionals and students in Microsoft technologies of Spain. For me it is a pleasure to begin with David Nudelman, one of the great IT international Pros always arranged to help the others, I hope that you enjoy it, I leave you with him:

Good! I would like to begin the interview giving thanks to Explores Windows Blog by the opportunity to speak a little on my and program MVP.

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
I am called David Nudelman, at the moment in my version 2.9. I Am of Maceio, Brazil, but I lived until the 15 years in Sao Paulo, soon I lived in Barcelona during 6 years, city that until today I consider like my house. Right now alive in London, where work for Completes Business Solutions, a consultancy of systems based on Reading. Between my likings they are possible to be emphasized the passion by computer science, the restlessness to prove new technologies and the actual chats. I Had the opportunity to participate like speaker in events like the Vacouver Technology Festival, the Springboard Series Tour in Spain and Portugal and the FP Fit among others. In the past the Judo practiced and Rugby, in summary I am full-trick out of friki. To Read more�

It Connects Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 with Twitter

The new suite Windows Live Essentials 2011 allows the developers to create his pluggins http://plugins.live.com/ for programs like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer.

In this article we will concentrate in pluggin that serves to directly connect our photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 with our Twitter through Twitpic, you can unload it from here http://plugins.live.com/photo-gallery/download/publish-to-twitpic

Once unloaded, we will have to initiate the process of installation of pluggin in our equipment, when it is installed we can visualize it in Windows Live Photo Gallery. To Read more�

Microsoft Hardware + Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft has created a product range concerning hardware that they perfectly complement to Windows 7 and suites like Windows Live Essentials 2011, in this article we will review the characteristics of Microsoft LifeCam Studio.

Designed for the most demanding users, LifeCam Studio is a product of high quality that provides the most surrounding sound and the best experience of video in HD. Being totally compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2011 it is the perfect product to realize video-calls in high resolution with our relatives or friendly.

Clearer Quality of video (1080p HD): The outpost technology that uses LifeCam Studio offers a clear image in any resolution, the final result are shining videos undergoing the sensation to be there almost in person. Its sensor is able to offer true panoramic format 16:9 during the recordings or video-calls. To Read more�

New Features Windows Phone 7 update of spring

During this year, Windows Phone 7 will receive a great number of updates asked for by the users to improve the yield of the devices in all the aspects, the first update programmed for this same spring podra to be unloaded from the software of Zune and will count on important new features like:

Copy and To Beat: In a moment the users of Windows Phone 7 will be able to copy the text of the e-mails, text messages, webpages, documents of Office 2010, and next, to stick it anywhere.

The use to copy and to beat is easy and intuitive.

+ Toca of the word

+ Desliza the finger to emphasize the additional text

+ Toca the icon To Copy

+ to insert the text, touch the place where you want to go, and press the button to beat.

It Is a fast form to send to somebody his last update of Facebook, directions of maps, or to visit a connection of Internet Explorer Mobile (that will be updated to IE9 Mobile in a few months, and whose new characteristics we will discover more in the blog it advanced). To Read more�

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