It Discovers the new features of Intune Windows

Intune Windows is the successor of Microsoft System Center Online Desktop Manager, this new version has the objective to help the companies and makes simpler the management and the security of the PCs using services of Windows in the cloud and Windows 7. The service in the cloud of Intune Windows offers functionalities of accessible management and security from a unique console based on the Web, so that we can maintain to our equipment and users working to total yield from any place. Intune Windows provides to the users the best experience with Windows 7 Enterprise. Intune Windows adapts to the companies offering the best thing of the technology with a small investment in technology, to obtain less problems and more tranquility, to the knowledge that the PCs will be protected and administered well. To Read more�

[Microsoft MVP Knows Pounding Arguiñáriz]

This week we have like special guest to Pounding Arguiñáriz, a woman with much vitality and expert in ofirmáticas solutions that surely much must say on program MVP del that comprises for several years, I leave you with her:

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
My name is To Pound Arguiñáriz Lusarreta although as regards Internet nick is known me by “Palel�, that I adopted there when I began my walking by the groups of the news of Microsoft by year 1996 and that they are the initials of my full name. I Am 52 years old and I am of Navarre although I have been 11 years living in Estepona. My interests, besides computer science generally, are the reading, the sport and the beach and the only hobby that I have are the computers and any thing related to them. To Read more�

It Explores the advantages of Windows 7 against Mac OS X

Obtén the best price
In a PC with Windows the 7 users will obtain a better PC by less money.

Obtén more by your money: With Windows 7 you will find a PC with better engineering specifications and reduced prices more against a Mac with similar characteristics.

Windows Live Essentials 2011: Windows 7 is the perfect pair of the new suite of Windows Live, the set of tools in line and programs that work together to help us to create, to connect and to share in the cloud.

More options to choose
You Will Be Able to obtain the ideal PC for you, with the size, design and benefits that adapt to your lifestyle.

More options: Windows 7 is in PCs with a great variety of sizes and formats and with different configurations from hardware reason why you will be able to find a PC that is adapted for your needs. To Read more�

To Solve to problems with Adobe Player Flash and Silverlight in Internet Explorer 9

Finally! The final version has already arrived from Internet Explorer 9 with which you will be able to undergo a new experience Web.

The data do not deceive, Internet Explorer 9 is positioned like the best navigator in all the senses for the users who use 7 Windows or Windows Vista.

Nevertheless many users have been reporting and undergoing an error that concerns to the form to visualize the Web which they need Adobe Flash Player or Silverlight for his correct operation, the problem is that once is had installed these two accessories, whenever becomes to load some page that need them, IE9 returns to ask to them that they install it repetitively. To Read more�

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