Integration Phone Windows Handle + Windows Live Messenger

One of the great new features that incorporate the new version of Windows Phone 7 is total integration with Windows Live Messenger, that unlike the application that until the moment it replaced to this well-known service as Messenger by Miyowa does not have to unload from marketplace.

This version of Windows Live Messenger for Windows Phone 7 will allow us to accede of a form easier and intuitive to our conversations, since we will only have to enter the HUB of messages and within our personal list of contacts, to choose the person with whom we want to initiate the chat. We Will Be Able to send sign icons, to initiate session in multiple sites as it can be from our PC and to also chatear with our friendly of Facebook.

The new version of Windows Phone 7 will allow us to choose between the multiple forms of contacts that appear to us with certain people, for example if the person is connected in Facebook and in Messenger the device does not recognize it and chooses the best method to put to us in contact.

In Addition we will be able to share photos within the same conversation like in the desktop application Windows Live Messenger 2011 or sharing them in our cloud with the integration that offers Windows Live Skydrive or Facebook to us in Windows Phone 7.

In Order to finalize, it is possible to emphasize that we will be able simultaneously to initiate conversations in group with several people, and to even pass the channel of our text chat to voice and vice versa.

You Will Be Able to find all the new features that will come integrated in the new version of Windows Phone 7 in this article of the equipment of Phone Windows

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