To Solve problems with SWF in Internet Explorer 9

It Is possible that you are having problems while you sail by Internet Explorer 9 in sites with Small Web Format (publicity, announcements, banners, videos), these are possible to be shown to you alongside left of the screen without disappearing bringing about the impossibility to realize a fluid and correct navigation.

The problem seems to reside in the last update of Adobe Flash Player 10,3 that causes bug in equipment that owns the technology of graphs Intel® HD

In Order to obtain more official details on the error, I recommend to you that you dirijais here To Adobe it has sent a new update with the aim of solving the problem although it has not been a total successful, and for that reason they are preparing another new update for this or the week that comes.

Directly we can solve this problem from Internet Explorer 9:

1. We only must open Internet Explorer 9 and direct to us to Tools - > Options of Internet - > Options outposts

2. In configuration, to move to us until the section of accelerated graphs and to qualify the option To Qualify processing by software instead of processing by GPU.

3. We Close and we reinitiated IE9, once Adobe contributes a suitable solution to all users, we will be able to deshabilitar this option again so that our equipment utilize all their power to obtain one better navigation Web with Internet Explorer 9.

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