Kinect + Windows Live Messenger 2011

All still we are surprised with all the new features that the equipment of Xbox 360 presented in this E3 referring to all the platform of entertainment of Microsoft, and if we concentrated in integration with our writing-desk, one of the best services is Kinect Video.

Kinect Video will allow us to realize videollamadas in high resolution through our TV with our relatives and friendly of Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger a 2011, good service if we consider that every month is realized more than 450 videollamadas million of with an average duration of 15 minutes through Windows Live Messenger 2011.

Note: In Order to be able to use this service a subscription to Xbox Live Gold is needed

Its operation is very simple, first that we must do once we have initiated Xbox 360 is to activate dashboard of Kinect, simply saluting to the camera.

1. Once we are within the Kinect Hub, we must initiate session with our Windows Live YOU GO - > to execute the application Kinect Video

2. Once within the application we will be able to look for more friendly or to initiate session in Windows Live Messenger

3. When the application this initiate, we can choose simply between our friendly online with a movement of videollamadas hands and to send the request of, they from the PC receive the request and once they accept it we will be able to establish the conversation.

With the arrival of the spring, Microsoft will send to a new denominated service Kinect Transformation, another authentic revolution that will allow you to realize debates in real time with your friendly, but that already we will see it more ahead.

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