V2 SP1 Discovers the benefits of Microsoft Security Essentials

The used gratuitous anti-virus more in the world, has arrived at v2 SP1 Build 2.1.1116.0 this summer, this new version is being settled at the moment in new the PCs with Windows 7, although also it can unload from site of Microsoft Security Essentials http://www.microsoft.com/es-es/security_essentials/

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials can also be used in 10 at the most small businesses that have PCs :)

Microsoft Security Essentials uses the protection in real time to help to do against possible threats before they become a problem. When any spyware, virus or another hostile software tries to execute itself or to settle in your PC, you receive an alert and the programs will not be opened. It will be prevented that the suspicious processes are executed if they present characteristics similar to those of hostile software. With the protection in real time, Microsoft Security Essentials is less annoying, provides better protection against the threats in continuous change and requires less examinations of all the system.

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials executes a fast examination during the installation to verify if the system is clean initially.

Microsoft Security Essentials offers functionality to examine all the system, with programmed options of examination and to request that provide a level of additional confidence. The programmed examinations are activated of predetermined way and they are formed to execute itself every week to 2 of the dawn, moment at which the system probably will be inactive.

Three options of examination Exist:

Fast Examination: In a fast examination, that is activated of predetermined way, the zones with more probabilities of infection by malware are verified quickly, including the programs that are executed in memory, archives of the system and the registry.

Complete Examination: A complete examination verifies all the archives of the equipment, the Registry and all the programs that are being executed then.

Customized Examination: A customized examination allows to only examine the areas that are selected.

You Can choose to execute a programmed examination, to see the results of the examination before the cleaning or of executing a previous examination request. If the equipment is not active when it is predicted to execute the examination, Microsoft Security Essentials will initiate it as soon as the equipment is active and it is not being used.

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials will only be able to be installed in the PCs with Original Windows :)

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