Welcome to the world Windows 8!

Today Microsoft has offered a previous view of its next operating system Windows 8.

The PCs that executes Windows 8 will become a new device with multitude of variants, their interface will allow us to the users to partly enjoy experience a fast, fluid and dynamic thanks to the new generation of hardware that the partners of Microsoft are preparing.

* Between the aspect most outstanding of the new interface shown today by Microsoft it is possible to emphasize, the new screen of fast beginning based on the HUBs de Windows Phone 7.

* The capacity to execute several tasks simultaneously being able to be visualized all of them in the same screen thanks to the dynamism that offers Windows to us 8

* All the power of the hardware accelerated in 10 Internet Explorer or the use of constructed desktop applications in HTML5 is only some of the incredible characteristics that to us Windows 8 offers.

* Windows 8 extends these innovations remaking all the levels of the architecture of Windows: the nucleus, networks, information storage, devices, user interface: everything on the amplest and richer ecosystem of software, peripheral and devices.

* In Order to finalize we do not have to forget to us that Microsoft is delivering a great attack to obtain a total compatibility between the programs and hardware that Windows 7 supports that will continue existing in Windows 8 thanks to the availability of the explorer of present Windows and the writing-desk.

In the new experience of the user in Windows 8, the applications obtain a vital importance. In Order to help the developers that will be able to use as common technologies Web as HTML5, Javascript to create its desktop applications, Microsoft to opened officially the registry for its next conference of development that will take place between the 13-16 of September in California http://www.buildwindows.com

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