Zune 4,8 for Phone Windows has arrived Handle

Today Microsoft has sent the final version of the new software for writing-desk Zune 4,8, this new product is the one that there are been using the developers of Phone Windows Handle in its beta version.

Note: Thanks to Zune 4,8 your devices will be able to receive Phone Windows Handle as of the next week

The software of Zune is a digital connection of Windows 7 + Xbox Live + Phone Windows that puts your favorite music, videos and images to your reach. You Can use the software of Zune to find music and videos in the bazaar of Zune and to synchronize all your library of average digitalises with your device Phone Windows Handle. When installing this software, also is going away to you to install a maximum of seven additional components that are necessary for the update.

Attention: Much precaution with the subject of Phone Windows Handle, the developers that have Phone Windows Handle will have to return to Node before installing the final version, is better to hope to the official documents on the subject that will appear in a pair of hours :)

Note: The software of Zune can use in future from Windows XP SP3, you can unload the final version from here http://zune.net/en-US/products/software/download/default.htm

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