List of solutions within last the Service Pack de Windows Live Hotmail

The majority of you you know perfectly what is a Service Pack (a set of patches that they update, corrects and improves applications and operating systems), the packages of updates more known Microsoft go directed to Windows Client/Server and important applications like Visual Studio, although they are not the unique ones in receiving these improvements.

Windows Live Hotmail is another one of the consumption products that receive this type of packages although they publicly do not announce the consumer, and the same does not have to realize any step to install it.

Last the Service Pack for new the Windows Live Hotmail sent at the beginning of summer contains important improvements that we will see next, the objective of this article is that you know a deeper way as it works within the engineering equipment of Windows Live Hotmail

Note #1: The Service Packs take a pair of days in directly reaching all the million users through the servants of Windows Live Hotmail.

Note #2: Other products of the suite as Windows Live SkyDrive receives the internal update to a new version with multiple improvements every week.

Here it is the present list of errors solved in Service Pack de Windows Live Hotmail:

1. The users who use several navigators of third parties receive the following error “Windows Live Hotmail could not complete this request� when trying to send an e-mail.

2. The users cannot use the enriched text editor (RTE) to compose or to send an e-mail when the SSL is qualified.

3. The e-mails sent with photos as attached archives in line have like result some images in target for the adressees.

4. The users are asked about if they wish to update Silverlight although they have version 4.0.50401.0

5. Some users of mobile phones to receive message of error “Windows Live YOU GO requires Javascript to initiate session�. The navigator does not support Javascript or the sequences of commandos are blocked when initiating session in Windows Live Hotmail through

6. The e-mails due to certain accessories cannot be opened that block Windows Live Hotmail in Firefox 3.6.

7. Some users who use Safari cannot accede to their tray of entrance, instead of it Windows Live Hotmail unloads the page default.aspx (HE PAMPERS incorrect)

8. The broadband users of T-Mobile in the United Kingdom who accede to T-Mobile through an USB connected to the network 3G HSDPA can not be able to open the entrance tray or the user interface is illegible.

9. The users have reported who certain connections within the e-mails do not open in the new windows or eyelashes.

10. Some clients are informing who are not able to read the e-mails of Windows Live Hotmail Hotmail due to their ISP or by problems of Proxy.

11. The functionality “To Continue composing this message� does not work for the IE6 users.

The equipment of Windows Live Hotmail continues solving these and another type of new errors every week, if notes some error you will only have to direct you to the State of the service and to report your situation to the product equipment :)

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