How to connect and to synchronize archives between several PCs with Windows Live Mesh?

Access to another PC:

With the remote connection of Windows Live Mesh, we can accede to anyone of our PCs from any place.

In Order to connect itself from an equipment that it does not have installed Windows Live Mesh:

* In Internet Explorer, direct to you to and soon you click in your PC.

* Unloading and opens Windows Live Mesh.

* It Clicks in remote and, next, it clicks in Connecting to this equipment.

It Synchronizes the archives and folders:

With Windows Live Mesh, we can store photos, documents and folders as much in Windows Live SkyDrive as with other synchronous folders.
Here it is the way to share archives and synchronous folders:

* It Initiates Windows Live Skydrive and you click in Seeing Synchronous Folders.

* It Looks For the folder that wishes to share and you click in Publishing permissions.

* We Can add up to nine people, next, you click in Keeping.

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