He Discovers the cut tool in Windows 7

Possibly many of you you have not used still this useful tool who incorporate the versions of Windows 7 of Premium Home in future.

Although their utility is limited to take captures than it is in screen, this tool is one of the best ones of the sort. Besides easily allowing to keep the image in format PNG, JPEG, GIF and even HTML, offer four methods to us of screenshot:

• Cut of free form - a free form around an object Draws.

• Rectangular Cut - Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.

• Cut of window - the window Selects, like a window of the explorer or a picture of dialog, that wishes to capture.

• Cut - the whole screen Captures.

Note: After capturing a cut, copy automatically in the Paper Holder and the window of noticeable. From the marked window of it is possible to be written down, to keep or to share the cut.

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