Limit of contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

Although in the majority of the times the problem comes dice by errors in breaks it of the folder of contacts that we must especially in the last eliminate from the publisher of the registry due to a corruption, in other occasions and months with the integration of Windows Live with services as Facebook or LinkedIn whose contacts exportana our list appears to us a message in which Windows Live Messenger 2011 prevents us to add more contacts because we have reached really one of the following the limits decided in Windows Live:

Contacts of Windows Live Messenger - At the most you can have 1500 contacts. 

Contacts of Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger - the total sum of your contacts as much for Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail does not have to be superior to 1250 contacts.

Allowed Contacts - You Can have a maximum of 1500 contacts that can see your state and send instantaneous messages to you (IM).

Blocked Contacts - the contacts that do not have permission to see your state in line either can send instantaneous messages to you, you can block up to 1200 contacts.

Lists in which you appear - You Can appear in a total of 1200 lists in which you have been added by your contacts.

 Requests of Contacts - At the most you will only be able to have up to 40 requests, that is to say, contacts that want to be in your list and to see you in line been but that not yet you have accepted or approved.

The solution is simple, if you have arrived at some from these limits you do not have more to eliminate some contacts of your list, always from

Note: It Remembers that only you can add a maximum of 20 daily contacts, in addition all the accounts to Windows Live keep a reputation which will be described according to as you handle your account, if you exceed some the terms is possible to be brought about this type of situations and the system does not allow you to make use of certain functions.

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