[Solved] Windows Live Messenger 2011 Refresh Beta Error 80072745

1. If you are connected to Internet through router, it clears the connection with router. Next, it connects the cable directly modem to his computer. This will help to determine if the problem is related to the configuration of firewall in router. 2011 Refresh Beta Tries to initiate session in Windows Live Messenger after connecting itself to Internet. If the connection works, it passes the rest of these steps and puts themselves in contact with the manufacturer of router to determine the form to qualify port 1863 through firewall of router.

2. If Beta Refresh 2011 can be connected to Windows Live Messenger after clearing router, the problem can be related to the configuration of router. It Tries to resetear router

Note: This can change the configuration of router to the predetermined adjustments and can erase all the personal adjustments.

3. If it is initiating session from corporative surroundings, put yourself in contact with the network administrator to determine if port 1863 is being blocked in the network.

4. If 2011 Refresh Beta has installed in its computer a zone of alarm of security of instantaneous mail Windows Live Messenger:

a. Beam click in the right button of the mouse in the icon of Zone Alarm in the notification area, next, opens the Control Center. To Read more‚Ä?

How to solve problems of energy in Windows 7?

Sometimes we can have problems with our batteries in portable equipment, or by problems of energy, loads or errors in the hibernation nodes.
Luckily Windows 7 incorporates an application able to issue a report on the situation of these parameters to identify possible problems:

1. In Order to activate the tool Beginning must go to the menu and writes “Powershell “
2. Beam click in the icon of the program with the right button of the mouse and selects to execute like administrator.
3. Next, when it appears the window of the system, “powercfg - Energy “writes
4. The system will initiate an analysis of 60 seconds. During this time Windows it will supervise so much the use of resources of the system as the load process and will analyze the yield of the battery and the ways of power saving. When concluding the analysis, the program will give a report us that we will be able to read in a denominated file [energy-report.html] using Internet Explorer.
The file this in C:\Windows\System32 (replacing C:\ by the letter of the unit where we have installed Windows 7).

The report enumerates the errors that can be solved by means of the update of a controller or desinstalación of certain programs that aggravate to the yield or the consumption of the equipment.

[Solved] I cannot update to version WLE 2011 (Refresh Beta) Error: 0√ó80040601

With the arrival of the new version Windows Live Essentials 2011 Refresh Beta can appear to us some problems of incompatibility.

Could not update to the latest versions
Could not install These programs: Messenger

Because There Was to problem updating one of the Programs, non of them Were updated.
Error: 0√ó80040601
Source: Messenger | MessengerLang | PhotoCommonLang

Error: 0x80072f76
Source: UXPlatformLang

* This problem happens after the installation of Windows Live Essentials 2011 Refresh Beta, the cause is the presence of archives and entrances of the previous versions in our system or are of Windows Live the 2009 or previous beta version 2011. To Read more‚Ä?

WLE 2011 Refresh Beta, Which is your opinion?

Microsoft finishes announcing the availability of the beta version Refresh de Windows Live Essentials 2011.

Recently, Chris Jones (Vice President, Windows Live Engineering), has published in the official blog of Windows Live, having animated the users to send its feedback to improve the use experience, and to demonstrate that feedback has much importance to us within the production equipment he remembers to us that 75% of all the errors in the past version have been corrected.

Note: In this new version of WLE2011 new Microsoft it has introduced a pair of lenguages, if your language is not including at the moment in the suite, you do not worry with the arrival of the final version will be all.

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