[Solved] (Hoping to…) Task Host Windows 7/2008 R2 SP1 Beta

1 Program to need to still close itself: (Hoping to…) Task Host Windows

This is not a fatal error, but annoying. The problem happens because the TaskHost.exe continues sending a series of internal messages to the system lasting the time of disconnection.

Microsoft knows this error and has preparation a solution for this problem. We Can unload it the same language of our system and the same architecture (x86) or (x64): http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=975777&kbln=en-us

But lamentably for those users who have installed Windows to 7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 Beta, this solution does not have any effect. In any case we can solve this disadvantage manually:

1. First that there is to do it is to take the system in safe way.

2. If we see that the problem does not happen this way, we will have to deshabilitar all the programs of third parties and applications in the beginning of the system from? msconfig?. First that there is to do it is to take the system in safe way.

3. Next, it must reinitiate the equipment and see as the problem does not appear normal at the beginning of the system.

[Solved] WLM does not work if you have installed IE9 TP3 in Windows 7 SP1 Beta

If you have problems when to initiate Windows Live Messenger 2011 Beta, and probably freezes several times to you because you are undergoing an incompatibility between Internet Explorer 9 TP3 all this working on Windows 7 SP1 Beta follows these steps to solve it:

If you have installed Internet Explorer 9 TP3

1. Beam click in Beginning and enters the Control Panel.

2. Within programs, you click in Desisntalar.

3. In the panel of the izquiera, you click in installed Updates.

4. It Looks For update KB2028560

5. It Selects the update and you click in Desinstalar.

6. It Reinitiates your PC and it tries to return to do loggin in Windows Live Messenger 2010 (Beta). To Read more?

[Solved] Error `' CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5 `'


When trying to take a DVD of Windows 7 to install the operating system or to realize any repair, we can be with the following message of error.

CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 5


This problem takes place because the BIOS of the equipment is not able to completely load the starting of the DVD of Windows 7


Method 1: Direct you to the website of the manufacturer of the equipment to verify if there are updates of the BIOS of the system. The BIOS contains the software that is essential for the good operation of its equipment, reason why only needs to be updated by a specialized personnel.

Method 2: If the previous method has not been able to solve the problem, or there is update no available of the BIOS, you can create a DVD of Windows 7/Vista using a sector of DVD starting. To Read more?

1 year and 7 days with Windows 7

Contrary to which much people think, Windows 7 was not realized the 22 of Julio, or even months before. Windows 7 RTM was created the 13 of Julio 2009.

I Am Going to try to explain to you that step that day in Microsoft:

In the summer of the past year, Windows 7 went up to around the completitud, meetings with the partners of Microsoft were realized to decide which would be the code of gold, that is to say, the final version, after several insolvent meetings the 13 of Julio with 8541 positive votes Windows 7 was signed like RTM (6.1.7600.16385 win7_rtm. 090713-1255)

At the moment it is practically impossible to less still find serious problems in Windows 7 and with the internal accomplishment of Service Pack 1.

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