#3 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

After multiple studies that demonstrated to Microsoft that the consumers prefer to completely extinguish the system in PCs as as much portable instead of to let it in way suspension or hibernation and in this way not spend anything of energy nor the life utility of the battery, the product equipment of Windows 8 had all the information necessary to create a new system of completely innovating starting.

Although in Windows 7 the product equipment realized great trabaajo in the system of starting with many improvements, the final solution of Windows 8 will be the hybrid starting that mixes the benefits of a beginning in traditional cold and the renewal of the hibernation state.

Note: For more information on the system of ignition and extinguished of Microsoft Windows, you can go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg463386

Shown in a graph this it is the new system of starting from cold of Windows 8 in comparison with Windows 7.

The tests demonstrate that Windows 8 is faster because the product equipment has designed a new capacity of the system to resume several phases, and to resume the session of the hibernated system is comparativily much less unavoidable that to realize the complete boot

Microsoft is working very it last in the new system of starting with several product equipment of Windows 8, to remember that the video that you will see next be realized with a previous version of Windows 8, reason why the final data can improve considerably.

It Unloads this video and visualizes it in Windows Average Player- High quality MP4

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