It Discovers new the Windows Live SkyDrive in HTML5

Microsoft has sent the new version of Windows Live SkyDrive to take advantage of all the potential 9 Internet Explorer and its support of HTML5.

New the Windows Live SkyDrive is faster, facilitates navigation in the Web and improves the form to visualize the photographies.

More express: The time that we took in carrying out common tasks since to click in folders and to sail by an album of photos it has been reduced of 6-9 seconds to the 100-300 milliseconds. The new Skydrive takes advantage of the acceleration the graphs accelerated by means of hardware to be able to include advances like HTML5 Video, CSS3 and experiences of interpretation client, as well as to make sure to offer a great experience when seeing photographies in all the navigators without the necessity to count on a special software.

It Facilitates navigation: The new SkyDrive reunites to all the photos, documents and archives in a single seen. The design and the elements of navigation now are very similar to which we can find in our writing-desks, reason why we will find a site familiar and easy to use.

Note: For the users who you use Internet Explorer 9, new the Windows Live SkyDrive has created a Jumplist that you can anchor to your bar of tasks of Windows 7 and thus of being able to accede quickly to the most common tasks.

It Visualizes your photographies like never: When you see your photos in SkyDrive, you obtain a clearer, fluid and beautiful view
of your photos that all your navigator fills, the new design premite to show our photographies to us in its original size, even of panoramic form.

The visualizer of albums was developed using HTML5 and supports different navigators. If your navigator supports accelerated graphs, since Internet Explorer 9 does, you notice that everything is faster and fluid. Also, we took advantage of the label video HTML5 to support the reproduction of H.264 videos (up to 100 MEGABYTE), which also is a newness in this version.

Devices: Microsoft recently announced a greater integration between Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Phone 7. With the launching of the package of updates Handle at the end of this year, the users will be able to share their photos stored in SkyDrive through mail electrĂłnicoo instantaneous mail.

But this is only the principle and in the next months we will have many more new features.

Note: In the Iberian blog of Microsoft, Rafael Rivers, person in charge of Windows Live in Spain it will contribute to you is and more information on new the Windows Live SkyDrive.

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