New functionalities Arrive at Windows Live Hotmail

The equipment of Windows Live Hotmail has implemented a series of new very useful functionalities coming from Microsoft Outlook for the users of the used service of mail more in the world.

Been brief Methods of keyboard and mouse: Now when we go to our tray of entrance, we see a new menu when doing right click on some email in which they are gotten up besides the previous functionalities of (to respond, to respond all, to resend) have been added (to mark like not read, to eliminate, mail nonwished, to move, to see source code of the message)

Also some been brief methods of keyboard coming from Microsoft Outlook have been added, you can see the complete list here

Personalization: During long time, the users of Windows Live Hotmail have had the capacity to personalize their individual messages of e-mail changing the source and the signature. Now if we went to Windows Live Hotmail - > Options - > More options - > Escribir e-mail - > Signature and source of the message we will be able to establish a source and signature predetermined for all the messages of e-mail since he is made at the moment in Microsoft Outlook.

To Recover eliminated messages: Without a doubt one of the great improvements in this new update of Windows Live Hotmail, now all the users who accidentally eliminate a message of e-mail of their tray of eliminated entrance and later of the folder of, will be able to recover it thanks to a new functionality including in eliminated the later part of the folder of, thanks to her Hotmail will try to recover the greater amount of possible information.

Note: This function is deshabilitada in the accounts of children. In Order to fulfill the Security of the Family, the accounts of children will not be able to recover emails who were eliminated by their Parents.

And this is only the principle since the equipment of Windows Live Hotmail already is beginning to implement the HTML5 to enjoy our tray of entrance the potential of Internet Explorer 9 yet.

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