Microsoft Hardware + Windows 7

Microsoft has created a product range concerning hardware that they perfectly complement to Windows 7 and suites like Windows Live Essentials 2011, in this article we will review the characteristics of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse.

The new Arc Touch Mose has an innovating design for a greater comfort during its use, is easy to handle and tells on a great speed of answer the tact, in addition it will allow to take it you to any part from your own pocket thanks to his revolutionary starting point.

In Order to ignite it and to extinguish they do not make it lack bellboys, simply it curves the device to ignite and connects it so that one goes out, the green light of the battery will indicate to you that the Arc Touch Mouse is working.

Headress to move you to any site, with Arc Touch Mouse you will have all the control in your fingers, will be able to move upwards, down, izquiera and right, to close and to open windows with a single movement or to establish its location without moving your hand. In Addition you will be able to form to your taste the types of movements or to change the vibration (touch sensation) thanks to the software of Microsoft IntelliPoint. To Read more�

It Solves to the errors when updating your Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has developed a tool with the aim of solving to the errors and problems that the so awaited update of spring (Node) for Windows Phone 7 is generating.

In particular this tool will solve the error codes (800705B4 and 80180080), follows these steps to use it correctly:

1. It Disconnects the USB cable from the device
2. It Unloads the tool of Microsoft Support from the center of unloadings of Microsoft, the tool is available as much in x86 as in x64
3. It Completes the passages of installation of the WPSupportTool (you must have installed the software of Zune in your equipment to be able to complete the installation), next executes it. To Read more�

] Knows Luisa Cinque [Microsoft Activates Professional

This week has come to the blog Luisa Cinque, a Microsoft Activates Professional (MAP) very worker, always with the clear ideas and great vision de futuro. Certainly it will surprise to you, I leave you with her.

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
Hello, I am called Luisa Cinque, I was born in London 3 from December from 1965, great enthusiastic one of the Beatles and Queen. I Am of Italian nationality, I grew up in the Island of Capri and from my great restlessness by the freedom come there. The sports, the iceskating, curling are excited and also a good game of mus or poker after an intense day of work or a familiar dinner. Also I have a small facet like videoartista, have exposed in international and national events always working my videos with Windows Live Movie Maker, a product that to that much party can be removed to him! To Read more�

It Discovers Windows Live Single-Use Code

With Single-Use Code (code one-time) you will be able to maintain protégée the information of your account when initiating session in equipment little safe public or.

When you ask for Single-Use Code, the equipment of Windows Live will directly send it to you via SMS to the number of mobile phone that you have added to your account of Windows Live.

In Order to add a number of mobile phone to your account of Windows Live you will have to go to - > Information of reestablishment of password - > Mobile phone - > Agregar.

It Selects to your country or E region it introduces your number of mobile phone - > Agregar. With this procedure besides being able to ask for Single-Use Code you will obtain a level of extra protection in your Windows Live YOU GO. To Read more�

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