] Knows Juan Ignacio Oller [Microsoft Activates Professional

1. Personal Information (name, age, country tastes, I interest, hobby) Tell us who you are!
Hello to all from this space that dedicates me in the blog of It Explores Windows. First of all I want to thank for Francisco to me to have invited. I am called Juan Ignacio Oller, I have 34 years and work like communication and Systems Engineer in a dependant public company of the Department of Presidency of the Government of Aragon. There next to my three companions we managed the writing-desks, servants and communications of this company and you subcontract them that they give services to the projects realised by this company. I Am computer science technical Engineer, Postgraduate in Industrial Policy and Postgraduate in Computer Science Systems Management by the University of Saragossa and Master in Software Libre by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). I declare an enthusiastic one of the computer science systems, especially by the operating systems and the security systems and my great frustrated passion are the robotics. Alive with my patient bride who work as database administrator SQL Server in an important consultant and with two parakeets that they rather badly give ;-)   To Read more?

Update in the WATT of Windows 7

Microsoft has developed a new update that will affect to the components of activation and validation of Windows 7.

This update KB971033 available in Microsoft Download Center as much for x86 as for x64 aid to the WATT (Windows Activation Technologies) to detect any type of manipulation that affects to the validation process, that will be executed automatically again in all the equipment without affecting to the functionality of Windows 7 which we are carrying out at those moments.

If your Windows 7 has been activated of an irregular form you will be redirigido to site online so that you find more information on your problem. Once this update detects that your Windows 7 is not original will be requested to you that you introduce a valid product key again (25 digits) and it will be notified to you periodically that the copy of Windows 7 that you are executing in your equipment is not original. To Read more?

It Discovers Windows Live Hotmail Extra

All we know Windows Live Hotmail, with around 400 million users anywhere in the world is the used service of messenger service more, but certainly all you have not heard speak on Windows Live Hotmail Extra, this service of additional payment of Windows Live that you can realize from https://signup.msn.com/pages/AccountInfo.aspx he is available in several countries of the world and offers to his users a serious one of improvements in the characteristics of Windows Live Hotmail here, among them:

1. A greater space of storage: You Will Secure more space from I colie with 10 GB that will be increasing as what you are needing.

2. The account does not expire: With Windows Live Hotmail Extra your account of Windows Live YOU GO will not be closed although you spend lengths periods of time without acceding to her, as long as your subscription to the service this the day. To Read more?

] Knows Josep Lluís Paniagua [Microsoft MVP

This week we have like special guest to Josep Lluís Paniagua, in this case I believe that it will not be necessary that comments to you like is its personality, is better than you discover it. It does not have loss, I leave you with him:

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
I am called Josep Lluís Paniagua, but it is known me like “Pani? from always. I Was Born the last century, in 1966, so I am 44 years old, unless my mathematics are worse than they have been always. I am that I am of letters: I studied Philology until I left it by a necessity, to work, and a liking, the technology of the information. As far as my work, luckyly it is developed in the scope of the TIC, because I am member of the equipment of distribution of software and management of anti-virus of the Universitat de València. Additionally, I am Real Madrid, with the bad thing that is to say now that, ferrarista, for God's sake, and fan Windows. And above I do not apologize by any of those things. To Read more?

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