Phone Windows Handle into the hands of the developers

Microsoft has given via free the next version of Windows Phone 7, still in phase beta the best developers of the world (around 5000) have access as of today to an internal program of Microsoft Connect from which they will be able to acquire the new version (build 7661) integrated in real propotipos in the next pair of weeks.

Unloading from here the new development tools beta:

This time Microsoft has bet much more by the students, who without cost some or necessity to register itself in the App Hub, will be able to unload the tools necessary from Microsoft DreamSpark and to develop applications for the new version of Phone Windows, between all the applications developed by the students they will only choose a group of 50 at the most so that they receive a prototype so that they can try and experiment to the maximum with his applications.

Note: The members of the program Windows Phone VIP as already they announced the week to us last in a private meeting we will also obtain Phone Windows Handle for our devices.

All the information about necessary Phone Windows Handle for the developers you can find it here:

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