Windows Live Hotmail is now 10 times faster

Many of there are it to you been noticing the last days in your trays of entrance and today Microsoft has announced it officially.

New the Windows Live Hotmail is now 10 faster times thanks to the changes that the equipment of Windows Live has granted to him to the used service of mail more in the world.

Fast Decisions: Handicapped is had the work of the servant trimming the content of the page and improving the beginning of session, in addition Windows Live Hotmail for the new navigators like Internet Explorer 9 has been optimized taking advantage of all their potential.

Storage in cache: Old Windows Live Hotmail realized too many interactions with the servant whenever realizabamos some action. In new the Windows Live Hotmail the list of messages stores in the SUNDAY (Document Object Model) of our navigators, eliminating the unnecessary times at the time of unloading the content, obtaining that the messages are opened almost very instantaneously.

Previous Load: The internal studies that the equipment of Windows Live Hotmail realized revealed that the consumers when connecting itself to their tray of entrance first which they do are to read the lines of the subject of the message, new the Windows Live Hotmail uses those few seconds to unload and to store in cache the first messages of the list.

The studies also revealed that generally the consumers when opening a message next opened the later one, for that reason new the Windows Live Hotmail while you are reading the first message later preload and the previous one of the list.

Although many data have not kept awake still, the equipment of Windows Live Hotmail has improved considerably their servants, who now can store a greater amount of information coming from their hundreds of million users.

Asynchronous Operations: Old Windows Live Hotmail too much interacted with the servant causing a sensation of little fluidity, thus for example when a user eliminated a message, Windows Live Hotmail communicated with the servant giving the order to eliminate the message and hoping the answer to return to the page of the list of messages. Now new the Windows Live Hotmail has the capacity to conduct battle like the one to eliminate messages and while the servant executes the task also allows Windows Live Hotmail to return to its tray of entrance with the list of messages leaving the first order of the elimination of the messages in tail permitiendonĂłs to resume our work.

Note: As I already said previously with the arrival of the HTML5 for Windows Live SkyDrive, this is only the principle and all the Windows Live platform will undergo great renovations in the future not very distant, so you are kind.

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