Responsibility shared in Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft finishes announcing that the 50 million people who use Microsoft Office Web Apps will be able to share the audit of their documents in Word.

Being Based on the characteristics of collaboration already available in Microsoft Word 2010 and Word 2011 for Mac, the Co-responsibility will allow us to collaborate in the creation of a same content without having the necessity to initiate session in several accounts.

The equipment of Microsoft Office Web Apps has designed these Co-responsibilities having followed a series of rules: When two or more people are collaborating in a same document, a real view will be always had in time of whom it is realizing the changes and where they are happening. When we are realizing some changes in certain sections these are blocked to the others that are notified, the authors will be able to keep the document at any time and to realize a view of all the changes.

In Order to improve the collaboration between the people, also we will be able to chatear with them thanks to the tool Web of Windows Live Messenger, or to the integration of the profiles of the collaborators with Microsoft Lync.

Obtén this and more information in the blog of the equipment of Microsoft Office Web Apps

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