It Discovers the Center of Compatibility of Windows 7

In this place software products of for domestic and enterprise users in 19 different countries and incredibly ordered with the aim of helping us are around 30,000 hardware and to choose that product is compatible with Windows 7 and as works as much in him in x32 as in x64, to find your wished product will be very easy thanks to the four different product forms search that the Center incorporates.

The compatibility center determines the compatibility to us of a product by means of icons:
* A brand of green verification means that the product is compatible with Windows 7
* A yellow signal of precaution indicates to us that there is an update available necesisaria to be compatible with Windows 7 (only for software)
* A red X, indicates that the product is not compatible with Windows 7
* The icon of blue color, means that there is information no available at those moments, and that Microsoft this collaborating with the manufacturer to be able to confirm its compatibility

The logo of Compatible with Windows 7 means that product I pass the tests of compatibility, security, yield and trustworthiness designed by Microsoft. If an update of the product is necessary, the center of compatibility of Windows 7 incorporates all the information of the manufacturer and a direct link to its page of unloadings, support and contact. To Read more�

It Fuses your photographies in Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

With Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 you will be able to fuse several of your photos and to create a perfect photography in only a pair of click, this characteristic available in version 2011 and therefore for users of Windows 7/Vista is only especially useful in group pictures.

In Order to fuse two photographies we only must follow the following steps:

1. It Opens Windows Live Photo Gallery, selects the photos that you wish to fuse from the library multimedia

2. Once selected, direct you to the eyelash To Create and you click in the button Fusion of photos

3. Next Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 will align your photographies automatically

4. Now you will only have to trim the part of the photography that you want to modify, and to choose what you like more To Read more�

It Creates panoramic photographies in Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 allows us to just by create spectacular panoramic photos a pair of click, this new technology introduced in this product of the suite Windows Live Essentials 2011 comes from Microsoft Research, and whose more recent products as Microsoft HOISTS or Photosynth we will explore in next articles.

1. In Order to create a panoramic photography we will only have to realize a few photographies that superpose some slightly to others

2. Once we have all the chosen photographies, we must click in Creating - > Panoramic

3. Next Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 will do its work during some seconds

4. After some second or minutes following the amount of photos and resolution of the same, Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 will ogrecerá the possibility to you of keeping the new photo generated in one the location that we want and with the wished extension. To Read more�

It Explores the advantages of Windows Live Hotmail in front of Yahoo! Mail

Maxima protection against the attacks of the hackers
* The new Hotmail provides a connection based during the complete session ayudandonĂłs to protect to us against the hackers. Yahoo! Mail only provides a connection based at certain moments, like in the beginning of session.

* Windows Live Hotmail also allows you to create Single-Use Code to protect you in the equipment public, in addition it will identify to the senders of confidence in your tray of entrance by means of special icons of security. Yahoo! Mail no.

Clean and it more easily orders your tray of entrance
* The new Hotmail includes sweeps virtual that helps to clean the old messages you in your tray of entrance. Also it can file automatically or eliminate the messages that you receive from certain people or companies.

* Yahoo! Mail offers filters that can be formed manually, but they will not help you to undo to you of the messages nonwished that they are already in your tray of entrance. To Read more�

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