Computer graphics: Consumers Windows 7 PCs versus Mac OS X

The Hunch company leader in the accomplishment of graphs for customized recommendations has shown to a peculiar result on the profiles of the users of the PCs with Windows the 7 and users of Mac OS X.

We Are Going step by step to review all the data that have contributed more than 700,000 consumers for the accomplishment of this study:

1. More than half (52%) of the survey ones they are consuming of PCs against (25%) that works with Mac :)

2. In the demographic aspect the consumers of PCs are placed between the 35-49 years (21%) of the same live to the outskirts and (18%) in towns, also the consumers of Mac are something more young people and years of them are placed between the 18-34 (58%) live in.

3. When we dealed with the subject the personality, (26%) the consumers of PCs are very prone to fit with the others against (13%) of the consumers of Mac.

Of the same form (23%) of the PC consumers they realize celebrations in his houses in front of half of the consumers of Mac.

4. In the section of the styles to the consumers of PCs the impresionist art in front of the modern design of the consumers of Mac enchants to them.

(71%) the consumers of PCs they dress in an accidental style, on the contrary that the consumers of Mac which they are poured off more of the sort retro and chic.

5. In the scope of the feeding (80%) of the consumers of Mac they consider to his most important health as and bet by vegetables, whereas the consumers of PCs prefer the meat and fast meals like which they use in Mcdonald's.

Note: You Can visualize and unload the complete computer graphics here

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