Alliance of Microsoft Europe with the environment

In these dates of summer in which all we have glided to go of vacations to the coast or the mountain it is when and better use we can more give to this great tool developed in Silverlight on the platform of Azure Windows by Microsoft Europe in collaboration with the European Agency of the Environment (AEMA).

Now the European citizens we will be able to as much visualize in an interactive map of high resolution with the technologies of Bing Maps the air that we breathed like the water in that we swam of Europe, in addition we ourself we will be able to establish our position in the map and to describe the quality as the environment that surrounds to us by means of commentaries, observations and ranking.

Note: The citizens also will be able to receive SMS information on the quality of the environment of the zone who have wanted to find out.

The denominated project Eye on Earth available in several languages bases its information on the data collected by one of the 22,000 zones of monitoring of the quality of the water in our continent or one of the 6,000 stations of information on the air pollution updated hourly.

The benefits that to us this portal offers are very interesting, to emphasize one of them in the field of the medicine, citizens European with asthma problems can monitor the quality of the air of a certain zone without being there and deciding to go or no.

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