Webcast Microsoft TechNet - Personal Cloud: The cloud in your home [Updated]

Hello to all! I Want to personally invite you next webcast in Microsoft TechNet, in which I will distribute an introduction to you to the concept of the Cloud Personnel and its corresponding services happening through Windows Live, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Phone 7, Office Web Apps and many more, always from the base that contributes Windows to us 7.

We Will Discover importance of cloud computing from point of view of consumers, as the services of the personnel cloud open the doors to us to new forms to create, to connect and to share with the aim of that we are more and more productive and creative fuerta of the enterprise surroundings, in addition you will have a part with demonstrations of the services and other than will try on the security in the cloud and the future of the same, when finalizing webcast you will have an answer and question-and-answer session. To Read more�

Your Windows Live Ties YOU GO to Windows 7

In Windows 7, the users of a domestic network, can choose to share data, like archives multimedia, between selected equipment of individual form for each user, completing the characteristic Group Home available in Windows 7.

If it has an account in line, as an e-mail account, can tie that account with the account of user of Windows 7. The entailment of these accounts offers the several advantages:

* Other people can share archives with us in a Group Home by means of the identifier in line instead of to have to create an account of user of Windows in our equipment.
* We Will Be Able to use the identifier in line to have access to our information in other equipment of a network, with this we will be able for example to have access from our work to our archives in the PC of our home.

Note #1: In Order to use this characteristic, the equipment that wishes to use to share archives must comprise of a Gupo Home
Note #2: The capacity to tie its identifiers in line with its account of user of Windows does not include in Server Windows 2008 R2 Leer more�

Dynamic Subjects of Bing for Windows 7

The equipment of Microsoft Windows has returned to send a new dynamic subject that every week will be updated automatically by means of RSS Feed with two new bottoms coming from Bing.

This type of subjects will allow us to have our dynamic bottoms cotinĂşamente, its operation is very simple we only must subscribe us to source RSS of the subject, and whenever we are connected to Internet they will unload new bottoms automatically to us when these are added the servant of subjects of Microsoft.

We Will Be Able to alter to the order or the speed of the presentation of the slides as well as to eliminate it as if outside a simple subject.

Note: The first time that we apply a dynamic subject in our writing-desk we will observe that this it will appear in black during about 30 seconds, but you do not worry everything is normal, is the time that takes the RSS Feed in unloading the attached archives of the subject. To Read more�

Windows Live + Windows Phone 7 in your cloud

All we know that Windows Live Essentials 2011 has potential enormous, that always helps to be creative and products us and where we want, but to this suite we add to a device with Windows 7 Phone the result to him is incredible. In this article we are going to concentrate in the options online that to us Windows Live offers directed to Windows Phone 7.

First that we must do is to initiate session in Windows Live Home and to direct to us to https://devices.live.com/, we will find perfect integration with Windows Live Mesh there and also with our device with WP7 (previously of to have formed our Windows Live YOU GO in him), thence we will be able to practically administer everything what happens in our device.

We Will Be Able to visualize the photos in http://photo.live.com/ that we have realized from our Windows Phone 7 and raised Windows Live Skydrive, besides directly sharing them with the people who we even want in other social networks publishing the necessary permissions.

We Will Be Able to see our improvements and new features of Xbox Live, our transformation and score, besides playing online with other players with the direct access that incorporates to http://windowsphone.xbox.com/es-ES/ we will be able to also publish our transformation from http://live.xbox.com/es-ES/avatareditor and automatically more will be updated in our Xbox360 Leer�

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