Information for developer of Windows Live

Microsoft is very proud of all the developers that use their time and effort in products of Windows Live Essentials (Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer) for that reason the equipment of the Windows Live platform contributes more information to us on the process of developed shipment of plug-ins.

First that we must do once we have reviewed this documentation and is to send an email to with the following information:

* Complete Name of the author
* Direction email of contact of the author
* Complete Name of plug-in
* Description of the complement (language supported including)
* Category of plug-in… One of the categories for Windows Live Photo Gallery Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer Chooses
* Label to plug-in with at least 5 words that describe it as well as possible
* To Enclose the file installer of plug-in (MSI) tablet in the e-mail within a ZIP

Once realised these steps, the equipment of Windows Live will review it and add the information of plug-in the official website of the developers of Windows Live.

Note: All the information that we sent to (with the exception of the e-mail directions) could be accessible to the public from the website

With this information and your knowledge you will be able to develop plug-ins for Windows Live that you want :)

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