It Discovers new the Microsoft Touch exclusive Mouse for Windows 7

This week (Wednesday 10 of Julio exactly) the Microsoft Touch Mouse will be sent of general form new, from its presentation in the past CES2011 this new mouse created by the equipment of Microsoft Hardware in direct collaboration with Microsoft Research has caused sensation and not only by its thin, elegant and comfortable design.

Exclusively Optimized for the PCs with Windows 7 this new mouse it simplifies and it accelerates more the common tasks of the PC through a tact truly intuitive.

The surface multitouch including in the new series of mice of Microsoft consists of a matrix of tactile electrodes able to generate 11 different movements.

New the Microsoft Touch Mouse we will be able to enjoy a trustworthy wireless connection of 2,4 GHz in which we will not less than have any type of interruption to 10 meters even in surroundings occupied by barriers.

Like in many of the mice of Microsoft, the BlueTrack technology this present in Microsoft Touch Mouse, thanks to this revolutionary technology of Microsoft, we will be able to slide with an absolute precision our device on practically any type of surface by means of the ray laser.

Next, the traffic diagram available in Microsoft Touch Mouse.

Counting on a guarantee of 3 years, Microsoft Touch Mouse will be available from next the 10 of Julio in

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