It Discovers the new features of Phone Windows Handle RTM

The final version (RTM) Build 7.10.7720.500 is being settled in the new devices and being testeada by the operators at the moment so that it arrives at the hands of the consumers at the beginning of September :P

From its presentation the past 24 of May in an event VIP for professionals and journalists, Phone Windows Handle has become the true revolution that needed Windows Phone 7, with his more than 500 improvements Phone Windows Handle no longer is only a simple update but a new version of the gratuitous operating system for all the users of Windows Phone 7.

Next we are going to discover the main new features that this new version of Phone Windows incorporates:

Improvements in the communications: Phone Windows Handle allows us to connect to us and to share all our activities in different social networks with our contacts through multiple routes.

We Will Be Able to establish conversations with our contacts through Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and SMS everything in an only conversation without needing applications, since these social networks totally are integrated in the HUB of contacts in the new version of Phone Windows.

We Will Be Able to generate groups in which to add to our contacts to see its updates of state, or simultaneously to send an e-mail to all from our screen of beginning.

We Will Be Able to visualize in the multiple HUB of Hotmail accounts and to order all the emails of a same contact in a same thread, without needing looking for the previous or later email in all the tray of entrance.

In Addition, to complete the group of improvements in the communications, Phone Windows Handle incorporates text support and voice in emails, of such form that the device can also read emails to us and can write them with the words that we say to him.

Note: The screen of beginning besides being much more optimized incorporates the new logo of Phone Windows Handle :)

Intelligent Applications: One of the main challenges of the equipment of Phone Windows was the exponential improvement of the applications, these same ones now are more intelligent, and count on improvements in the notifications and updates in the beginning screen, also, totally are integrated in the results search of the device.

The HUBs are more dynamic and contain a greater amount of information facilitating the obtaining of new features in real time without needing executing them.

In Phone Windows Handle we will be able to execute applications in background conserving the yield and the duration of the battery thanks to the new support multitask.

The revolution of IE9 Mobile: In Phone Windows Handle we will have the power of the most powerful navigator for the PCs with Windows 7 thanks to the best support of HTML5 and to the graphs accelerated through hardware.

Bing becomes a fundamental pillar in Phone Windows Handle, thanks to the new support search by voice, music and line of vision. Thanks to this last device it will allow the users to initiate a search in Bing using photographies of bar codes, codes QR and Microsoft Tags (without having to use an application of third parties).

In Order to complete the options search of Phone Windows Handle, also the functionality of Local Scout is gotten up that hierarchizes results search of the premises, being based on the preferences of the user and recommending restaurants, nearer stores and activities in a guide easy to use.

The personal cloud in your hands: Phone Windows Integra Handle completely in the system to Windows Live SkyDrive, thanks to him we will be able to share with our friendly and to raise the cloud our taken images, videos and music from the device with a single click, besides being able to interact with Windows Live SkyDrive of our contacts like we do from our PC.

Excellent quality of music and video: One of the evolved HUB more in comparison with Windows Phone 7, Zune incorporates in this new version functionalities like the integration of posdcast, Smart DJ and multiple improvements in the search, marketplace, reproduction, information and accessibility.

The new functionality of Smart DJ, is able to mix the songs that we have put in the device following our mood taking certain landlords from the artist, album and song.

Note: The new version of software Zune 4,8 for PCs has reached state RTW (Rereads to Web) and its launching is preparation for the next weeks :)

Entretenimiendo without borders: We Finalize the listing of the main new features in Phone Windows Handle, with the new version of the HUB of Xbox Live, that among others many improvements, incorporates the new Dashboard that will be available in a moment for Xbox 360, some ups and downs in 3D and much more animated. In this new Dashboard we will be able to read the messages sent through Xbox Live, to maintain conversations with our friendly and the capacity to modify completely our profile, obtaining a total integration with our console Xbox 360.

These are all the main new features, and they are not few so imagine to you as it will be your device with 500 mentioned improvements more of here :)

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