Microsoft Hardware + Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft has created a product range concerning hardware that they perfectly complement to Windows 7 and suites like Windows Live Essentials 2011, in this article we will review the characteristics of Microsoft LifeCam Studio.

Designed for the most demanding users, LifeCam Studio is a product of high quality that provides the most surrounding sound and the best experience of video in HD. Being totally compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2011 it is the perfect product to realize video-calls in high resolution with our relatives or friendly.

Clearer Quality of video (1080p HD): The outpost technology that uses LifeCam Studio offers a clear image in any resolution, the final result are shining videos undergoing the sensation to be there almost in person. Its sensor is able to offer true panoramic format 16:9 during the recordings or video-calls.

When having a greater number of individual pixels in each sensor, we can pick up more light and obtain some images more shining and of greater quality.

It Shares all the details (Focus Car): LifeCam Studio is able to obtain the smallest details thanks to the function of automatic approach of the first plane with improvements in the precision, stability and speed without needing no installation of additional software.

Crystal Lenses: All the range LifeCam product counts on glass lenses that improve in all the aspects the quality of the images in comparison with other plastic lenses since the light travels better through crystal, providing a clearness in the videos uniforms, even in the corners.

Note: LifeCam Studio counts on 6 crystal lenses, including a layer anti-reflecting superior that reduces to the colors discolorations caught with direct light.

Truecolor Technology: This exclusive technology of Microsoft catches the true color in the less optimal conditions of illumination, analyzing the surroundings of the user and fitting the LifeCam automatically, in addition the Truecolor includes a technology of face pursuit that can detect the face of the people and make sure if it is hazardous or hazardous.

You Can buys products of Microsoft Hardware from the store online of Microsoft:

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