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Today the new series of articles begins Knows… in which I will try to you to bring to the best professionals and students in Microsoft technologies of Spain. For me it is a pleasure to begin with David Nudelman, one of the great IT international Pros always arranged to help the others, I hope that you enjoy it, I leave you with him:

Good! I would like to begin the interview giving thanks to Explores Windows Blog by the opportunity to speak a little on my and program MVP.

1. Personal Information (name, age, country, tastes, I interest, work, hobby) Tell us who you are!
I am called David Nudelman, at the moment in my version 2.9. I Am of Maceio, Brazil, but I lived until the 15 years in Sao Paulo, soon I lived in Barcelona during 6 years, city that until today I consider like my house. Right now alive in London, where work for Completes Business Solutions, a consultancy of systems based on Reading. Between my likings they are possible to be emphasized the passion by computer science, the restlessness to prove new technologies and the actual chats. I Had the opportunity to participate like speaker in events like the Vacouver Technology Festival, the Springboard Series Tour in Spain and Portugal and the FP Fit among others. In the past the Judo practiced and Rugby, in summary I am full-trick out of friki.
2. You Are MVP, what means this for you? what you felt the first time that you were awarded?
To Receive a prize of Microsoft is always an honor. To Receive the second important prize but of Microsoft is a great honor. The first time that awarded with the prize of Most Valuable Professional de Microsoft I to me I was in the house of my parents, in Vancouver (Canada). The warning arrived by e-mail the 1 of April (day to me of the innocent in Canada) and it did not believe it to me. It did not hope to me to be in this fantastic full group of people with a technical level so elevated and that as much they contribute in the community. I Had to verify that all the connections were real before communicating the news to the friendly.
3. Tell us that he is the best thing of being MVP
The best thing of being MVP is the recognition of Microsoft by your work, the possibility of being member of a group of incredible people, the opportunity to interact with the product groups of Microsoft, to much more participate in events like the MVP Day Open and the MVP Summit and! In Addition, you have the possibility that they invite to you to events like TechEd Berlin 2010 where I was with Microsoft speaking on the implementation of Windows with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit).

4. Which have been your experiences in the MVP Summit/MVP Day Open?
I Had the opportunity to participate in 2 MVP Days Open and Summit 2011. In the 2010 I participated in the MVP Day Open in Vancouver, where by video MVPs of the zone confers about 12 we were connected to Toronto where 40 were about more MVPs. We Had some technical presentations and a food with the person in charge of program MVP in North America. A day of 5 hours with little interaction between the participants. In the 2010 also Open Iberian Day de Microsoft participates in the MVP, where the experience was very different. Almost all the MVPs of Spain and Portugal, besides Microsoft Student Partners, Microsoft Activates Professionals and leaders of the communities of users, about 200 altogether, we moved to Fuengirola (Malaga) to enjoy an incredible day technical sessions, meals and an unforgettable celebration that in the morning finished with a stroll by the beach and a bath in the swimming pool from the hotel to 4. The interaction between the people was much more intense and the very interesting and excellent content. The MVP Summit already has another phantom. To Be next to more than 1500 MVPs of 78 countries in the same city is a phenomenal experience. I Had the opportunity to know MVPs legendary as to Mark Minasi and to participate in technical sessions with the product groups of Microsoft. Another point to emphasize went the possibility of being to few meters of Steve Ballmer in the Keynote, since I had the opportunity to seat me in the first row. If you are MVP you cannot stop going to the Summit!
5. How you think that program MVP could be improved?
In my opinion right now everything is brilliant, the program has a very interesting format and it allows you to have a very high degree of participation.
6. How you see the future of in the Microsoft technologies in which you specialize?
My initial category was Windows Desktop Experience, that covers all the phantom with the technologies. Now I am part of the category Windows Expert - IT Pro, that more is focused in technologies of unfolding, implementation and management desktop. In my professional work I dedicate myself to consultancy projects on the transformation of the writing-desk of the traditional model, where each user has his desktop or laptop with personal information, to an optimized writing-desk using technologies to virtualize or to separate each one of the layers of the client: hardware, applications, user and profiles. Part of this process takes control of tools of the package MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack), that, among other things, allows you to virtualize applications and operating systems, to solve problems of starting of equipment, to improve the control of inventory of software and hardware. The future of the writing-desk it is very interesting since the consumerizaciĂłn of IT already is part of our lives, and is very common the use of home appliances in the companies, besides a more and more common practice, the BYOC (Bring your own to computer), where each user works with his personal computer acceding to the corporative information by means of safe platforms. That takes to a safe evolution to versions of operating systems that can be installed in devices of different sizes with different technical capabilities.

7. It Describes the necessary thing to be MVP under your point of view.
According To Microsoft, the MVPs are exceptional leaders of the world-wide community technical, who actively share their experiences of high quality of the real world with the others. I believe that this description is very appropriate, the keywords are community, leadership and quality, and that in addition these contributions are exceptional, for me the MVP is a natural recognition to the leaders who stand out in each one of the technical specialties.
8. You Are member of the STEP, like getting to be it and its advantages.
STEP is an internal program of Microsoft. The Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel is a group of MVPs and MCTs selected by Microsoft to distribute chats on technologies like Windows 7, Office 2010, MDT, ACT, MAP and MDOP. These professionals have background of excellence verified in participation of events like speakers. As advantage you have access to resources of formation and materials of presentation besides financial aid for actual events. In Order to get to be member from STEP you must be selected by Microsoft.
9. That you would emphasize of your other two companions STEP in Spain (Dani Alonso and Miguel Hernández)
In Spain we have to 3 members of STEP. First I was, that I participate actively in the community of SecondNug users, where we presented webcasts for Developer and IT Pros. The second Spanish member in integrating equipment STEP was Miguel Hernández, consultant pre-sale of Zerkana, that besides being one of best speakers of Spain has a matchless technical knowledge in real surroundings. The third party, named recently is Dani Alonso, consultant of systems in PlainConcepts, that participated in the tour of Springboard Series of Spain and Portugal, besides being one of the best collaborators of Microsoft in Twitter and Facebook and one of the most active moderators of the forums.

10. You Are member of Microsoft Learning IT Manager Advisory Council, what means this title? which are the tasks of the group?
The ITMAC, Microsoft Learning IT Manager Advisory Council is a group of professionals with experience in management of quipos of IT that collaborates with Microsoft Learning for subjects related to the formation and certification. We Are actual meetings once a year and online every 3 days old to discuss the impact of the technology in the companies. Now computing is spoken much on cloud and this he is one of the subjects that of that we debated.
You Can contact with me through:
E-mail: david@itpro.es
Twitter: they @dnudelman
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dnudelman
Blog: http://geeks.ms/blogs/dnudelman/

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