[Solved] Internet Explorer 9 Beta UI Error

One of the most usual errors in Internet Explorer is that the bar of tools remains a position over the bar of directions, and by all means that 9 Internet Explorer Beta was not going to be an exception.

Steps to solve this error in the beta version of Internet Explorer 9

1. It Clicks in the button Beginning in the picture To Initiate search, it writes regedit in ready the Programs, clicks in regedit.

2. If it is requested to him a password of administrator or a confirmation, writes its password and clicks in Continuing

3. It Looks For the following subkey of the Registry and clicks in her: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Toolbar \ WebBrowser

4. It Clicks in the right button of the mouse in WebBrowser, selects New and it clicks in DWORD (32 bits).

5. In the new value #1, writes ITBar7Position and presses Enter.

6. It Clicks in the ITBar7Position right button of the mouse and soon it clicks in Modifying, in the picture Information of the value, writes 1 and it clicks in Accepting.

7. It Leaves the Publisher of the Registry, next, Beta initiates Internet Explorer 9.

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