Windows Live Essentials 2011 RTW

Version RTW (To Is Reread Web) Build 15.4.3502.922 was constructed one week ago and sent to Microsoft Partner and car-installed in the network of Microsoft the past day 23.

New Characteristics:

â—¦ Integration with Facebook: Now the users have a place to chatear with all friendly. Messenger now allows him to be kind to the updates of your friendly in networks different and to speak with the chat of Facebook.

◦ Great advances in Photo Gallery: A change can be seen before applying it, is enough with placing the mouse on the option. In the final version, also we have added the capacity to see in the card “Look For�. Therefore, before applying a filter (date, number, it labels), you will be able to see the results.

â—¦ Integration with Bing Maps: A gallery of photos now is integrated with Bing Maps with the functionality of the labels of location, having allowed the users to see a map from where the certain photo was taken.
â—¦ Integration with Flickr Video: The users worldwide who use in line more popular service of photos can raise their videos their accounts of Flickr, which allows him to share your videos, even more.

â—¦ the time to introduce, to update contacts and channels and the speed of the animation is faster than the previous versions of Messenger.

â—¦ Messenger Chat now uses 30% less than resources of the CPU, leading the work to the GPU (graphical processor), which means a better yield.

â—¦ the face recognition of the gallery has had significant improvements and works more express.

â—¦ Movie Maker now allows to raise videos him with higher resolutions SkyDrive (480Ă—640 against 320Ă—480 in the previous versions).

â—¦ the films with greater rate of bits: Movie Maker is now compatible with the videos with a rate slightly superior of greater quality.

â—¦ Windows Live Writer has significantly improved the quality of the spelling.

â—¦ One better integration with Office, Windows Live Writer is now able to recognize and to maintain the format of the text in Word or another program of Office when it sticks.

â—¦ Better support for Gmail, Windows Live Mail now comes with the folder from Spam and more precise Gmail sweepings.

â—¦ Filtro faster Web: The filter Web for the infantile protection is a 35% more express than in the previous version.

Unloading WLE 2011 RTW =)

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