How to deshabilitar the intelligent windows in Windows 7?

When we move the window of some application in Windows 7 to the part superior of our writing-desk, this window is maximized occupying the whole screen by defect, but we do not like we can deshabilitarlo.

1. In Order to do this, we must go to the beginning menu and to write regedit later we will press to initiate Edito de Registro.

2. Now in the part of the izquiera we will open the following route: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop

3. Being selected Desktop we looked for in the izquiera WindowArrangementActive? if we did not find it, we will have to create one new one, for it you click right with the mouse in an empty area and it selects New> String VALUE and calls it WindowArrangementActive

4. Next we must publish it, for it we click double in the element and in VALUE it dates we changed value 1 to 0.

5. We Accept and we reinitiated the system so that the changes take effect.

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