Exploring Windows Live Mail 2011

With Windows Live Mail, we can have a easy access to our mail, calendar, contacts and a total integration with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Photo Mail

Joint Party hundreds of photos in the e-mail without attached archives that obstruct the entrance trays.

Here how it works:
* It Clicks in Beginning To Personalize folders - to change colors - to move columns, and enjoys feeds the content given directly to the entrance tray.

Here how it works:
* Click in Beginning.
* Windows Live Writes Mail 2011.
*Pulsa Enter when this appears.
* To Personalize folders in the card Folders.
* It Changes to the colors doing click in the eyelash To See and, next, you click in the drop of color of the pull-down menu.
* It Moves the columns with the menu of options of design of the Vista card.
* it Adds the content of feed to the card of Beginning in New source and looks at the channels with the icon of feeding in the list of folders.

Smart Organization Email

It Manages and it accedes to multiple accounts of e-mail like Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo Mail Extra in a single place.
Mantén the organized e-mail using the separated trays of entrance for different accounts from e-mail and tools of management, like threading the conversation, flags, classifying people.

Here how it works:
* Windows Live Writes Mail 2011.
* Enter Beats when this appears.
* In Order to add an e-mail account, it clicks in the eyelash “Accounts� and selects E-mail in a new account. Each account will appear with its own tray of entrance in the column of the left.
* The e-mails with the same line hold will be grouped in a same thread of conversation.
* It Marks to the e-mail messages doing click in the flag of Action in the card Beginning.
* It Orders using the pull-down menu in the part superior of the list the messages. It Selects to order by sender, date, subject, the size, the priority, the attachment, the flag, the seen subject or folder.
* To Order contacts by means of the creation of categories of contacts and the classification by name or last name.

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