Exploring Internet Explorer 9 Beta. What has again?

Simplified Design
First that you will notice when opening Internet Explorer 9 is its compact user interface. It Is possible to most of have access to the functions of the bar of commandos, like Printing or Zoom Lens, doing click in the button of Tools; in addition, with clicking simple in your Favorites, they will automatically appear all and of way ordinate.
On the other hand, Internet Explorer makes your available the basic controls that the protagonist paper needs and grants to Internet.

Note: If you wish to recover the bar of commandos, favorites and state, click with the secondary button to the right of the button New Eyelash and, next, select them in the menu.
Anchored Sites
If visits frequently certain pages, the function of anchored sites will allow you accedes directly to them from the bar of tasks of the writing-desk of Windows 7.
To Anchor a site is very simple: it drags the anchorage icon from the bar of directions of the bar of tasks. Next, when doing click in the icon, the website will be opened in Internet Explorer.

Whenever you open an anchored site, the icon of this site will appear in the part superior of the explorer. Thus, you will be able to have easy access to his main page. The bellboys Ahead and Back will adopt the same color of the icon.
The dialog picture To See unloadings constitutes a new and effective function that conserves a list in permanent update of the archives unloaded from Internet, and that warns when one of them can be hostile. Also it allows to make a pause in the unloading and to reinitiate it (in case the connection to Internet is slow), and shows in what location of the equipment you will be able to find the unloaded archives. This list can erase at any time.

If you sail with Eyelashes, you will be able to move easily between several opened pages, within a same window. However, if you wish simultaneously to see two pages, thanks to the function of separable eyelashes, you will be able to drag the eyelash that you wish outside the interface of Internet Explorer and to turn it into an independent window.

Adviser of Yield of Accessories
He allows You to know if some installed complement slows down the yield of the explorer, if you wish it you can deactivate it or clear it.

Bar of notification
Sample information of important state, whenever you need it, without interrupting your navigation.
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