#1 Discovers the fundamental new features of Windows 8

Today we are going to begin with a series of articles in which we are going to be discovering the fundamental new features confirmed officially by Microsoft of the next generation Windows 8.

Before beginning with the series #1 of new features in which we will approach the subjects of USB 3,0, Hyper-V (v3) and the new structure of the most common functions that they are realized in the writing-desk, he is recommendable that as a introduction hayais seen the article Welcome to the world Windows 8! http://windows2000advantage.com/articulo/welcome-al-world-Windows-8

We Will Begin speaking by one of the functions that represent 50% of the use of the writing-desk (To Copy, To Move, To Replace, To Eliminate)

In Windows 7 these functions that comprise of Explorer Windows not are optimized to work with great volumes of archives or to execute multiple simultaneous copy tasks. However Windows 8 is being developed indeed to cover these deficiencies besides showing a clear and much more complete information to us than it is happening in the process where the user has all the control.

Note: Windows 8 will allow us to reaundar and to stop copies of our archives from Explorer Windows, and to open and even to modify the folder in which the same are being copied.

Note: In Addition since we have commented before, Windows 8 will offer much information to us on the process of clear, concise and efficient form with the Mostras way more details activated. 

The task of replacing has also undergone a series of changes, now the information is much easy to understand, coming up to the users of comenter errors or undergoing confusions. In Windows the 8 archives have to replace are in the right part, and those that will replace them are in the left part.

We Change of subject, and we happened to discover the new new features of the 3,0 USB and Hyper-V (v3) both with support in Windows 8.

With a yield 10 times more powerful than its predecessors, USB 3,0 who will be built-in new the hardware which they will come in the ecosystem of Windows 8 suppose one complete revolution.

In Windows 8 you will be able to vice versa transfer from USB 3,0 to the PC and great amounts of archives by far weight like the videos in HD in less than 30 seconds without having to wait for several minutes as it happens with USB 2,0 present.

Note: The tests you realize by Microsoft in its laboratios demonstrate that a file of 626MEGABYTE is transferred from a USB3.0 exactly twice in the same time in which a USB2.0 takes in completing a simple task.

In Order to finalize this first series of new features, we are going to approach the subject of Hyper-V (version 3) that will have support in 8 Windows and Windows Server 2012 [Codename 8 Server]

It Is a fundamental piece in the development of the next generation of products of Microsoft Windows, with 35 teams of employees developing Windows 8, this functionality is being incorporated to the system by 7 of the 35 full field equipment of employees with a common goal, the one to increase the presence of the deprived cloud of Microsoft

You Are very kind, as véis the new system has very good dot! You Remember that you will be able to enjoy a special cover here of the Build event http://www.buildwindows.com/ Windows that will be celebrated of the 13-16 of September in Anaheim, California :)

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